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Daniele Persigani, words like stabs in Clerici's farewell to the beloved program: “The last episode…”

Daniele Persigani, words like stabs in Clerici's farewell to the beloved program: “The last episode…”

Daniele Bersegani – (Photo on Instagram)

He used very strong words to say goodbye. He obviously wasn't ready to let her go, but he couldn't do otherwise.

2018 was a very important year for us Antonella Clerici Why It marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new oneto. That year actually had to be said Goodbye “Chef Test”But she also gave birth to her daughter the following.

Although the program continued as usual without her, everyone blamed her absence, especially some of the heroes. Among them is also the chef Daniele Persegani.

He was very close to Antonella Clerici, hence when the presenter left the broadcast, She wanted to share a touching farewell message addressed to her. He did this through a post on his social media which managed to move everyone with his words.

Everyone knew of the beautiful relationship between the two, but they didn't think that he liked them so much. In fact, this greeting is not simple, but much more than that. A true tribute to the woman whose presence had an important impact on the world of television.

A very gentle message

It was emotional for anyone to see Antonella Clerici lead her latest episode of Test Chef and it was so for her. However, the feelings were stronger among the people who cooperated with them during the experiment, especially for Anna Morrone and Daniele Persegani..

These are beautiful words he wanted to greet her with: “It was exactly the 1st of May 2012, I came to prepare tri-colored stuffed gnocchi on the occasion of my fourth experience at home with the Azzurri for the European Football Championship in Krakow… And here I am today instead preparing one of your favorite dishes for the last episode of the program I made By creating it.. I could write 10 pages but I will sum everything up in one word.. Thank you Antonella Clerici.

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Daniele Persegani and Antonella Clerici
Daniele Persegani and Antonella Clerici – (photo on Instagram)

End of an era

There is so much sweetness in his words. It was really important for the chef to be able to work with Antonella Clerici.

She is the woman who It plays a very important role in the world of television Italian And with his farewell It marked the end of an era, consisting of recipes and cooking tips. But fortunately, after the “Chef Test” She's back to brighten everyone's day with her “It's Always Midday”. Among the personalities participating there is also Daniele Persegani. In fact, their paths never separated.