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Mara Vener embarrasses the guest: “The eye always lies there”

Mara Vener embarrasses the guest: “The eye always lies there”

Moment of tenderness a Sunday in. In the Christmas Eve episode, Mara Venere Welcomed Paola and Chiara. “I'm really happy to have you here with me today, Merry Christmas girls!” the Rai presenter began before asking: “But what are you doing tonight? Stay with your family on Christmas Eve, I guess.” “Yes, yes, exactly, we will be with family, maybe we won't stuff ourselves too much because we will be ready for tomorrow,” the singing sisters answered immediately.

Hence the compliments: “Okay, whatever, but you're so skinny, all that good aside…but How sexy you are“Kiara is hot too,” said a slightly embarrassed Kiara to Fener who added: “Of course! But from it you see it and do not see it, from it the eye always falls there.”

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A joke in reference to the snapshot that has now gone viral. Just a few days ago, a selfie of Amadeus With Prima Sanremo hosts (Paola, Chiara, Mattia Stanga and Daniele Cabras). Here the details did not escape: Paula's neckline left nothing to the imagination: in fact, when it bends, the dress moves, revealing part of her chest.

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