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Memo Remigi allontanato dalla Rai -

‘The Ruined Life’: How Memo Remigi Was Reduced After His Expulsion From Rai

Memo Remigi is one of the most recognizable faces in Italian entertainment: Italian singer, composer, radio host and television host. His career began in 1962 and has allowed him to bring home a lot of satisfaction.

Unfortunately, he is not having a good time because of what happened to him Jessica Morlacci in the middle of a loop Today is another day with Serena Burton. Here’s how his life has changed since that fateful day.

Remigi’s Note –

Remigi started performing in the 1960s on the small screen. Participate in Summer record with the song Fall in love in Milan Which allowed him to achieve success. He also sang on stage at San Remo Festival with the song I’ll give you more in 1965 and two years later he competed alongside Sergio Indrigo singing Where do you think you’re going.

Later He devoted himself to conducting TV shows On own broadcast stations and then go to those for opinion. Many will surely remember Downstairs tenant For children, join them Jeju mouse. He also proved himself in the theater by playing in comedies Angel 9 scale It was featured in the listscenter union Lombardy for the 2013 regional elections.

In 2021, she danced alongside a professional dancer in the show Dancing with the stars From Millie Carlucci Meanwhile, he had the opportunity to be part of the program’s crew Today is another day. Unfortunately on October 22, 2002 he was removed from the cast and He hasn’t appeared on the small screen since.

“his life was ruined”

A live broadcast of the TV show opinion Cameras caught a strange movement of the man’s hand and this unleashed the web. He touched Jessica Morlaccithe former leader of Gasusa. in a directory Alessandro Cecchi Paoni in downloads new tv One reader expressed her opinion:His life and reputation have been ruined.”

Remigi teaches the program -
Remigi to Today is another day –

Cecchi Paone intervened without any hesitation: “Nobody ruined anyone’s life.” After all, Morlacci reported what had happened and strip news Investigate through broadcast service that leaves no doubt. In the end, the person concerned decided to forgive himHowever, Bortone removed Remigi from the program and he was promptly replaced.

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And as if that weren’t enough, it seems the presenter didn’t even make a phone call. According to the latter, absolute silence occurred between them. Many social users have complained about this shutdown.