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"Don't worry, 5 years..." - Libero Quotidiano

“Don’t worry, 5 years…” – Libero Quotidiano

The maximum of €60 under which shopkeepers and freelancers will not be obliged to accept payment with POS becomes the subject of satire a what’s the weather likeon Rai 3 channel, with Luciana Letizito which he is clearly targeting Georgia Meloni. On Sunday afternoon, the Prime Minister announced her intention to enter into negotiations on this issue with the European Union, and that she was ready to revise this limit downwards, to meet the EU’s monetary and anti-tax evasion policies.

Details, because the important thing for the Italian left (and its supporters, commentators or comedians) is the demonization of the finance law approved in record time by a center-right government. “From February 2023, only credit cards will be allowed for purchases over €500,000. To overcome the burden of €499,000, you must stick to carrying larger wallets, in A4 format, so you can carry more cash,” laughs Littizzetto in her traditionally sarcastic space next to Fabio Fazio. The director then broadcast a photo of Meloni with her arms outstretched at the press conference. “An idea for Georgia… – Letizito puts her hands forward – Don’t worry, 5 years go by quickly … Let’s see, she can’t take it anymore with her arms wide open she says “I can’t do more”“.

A fairly obvious joke, but the PM certainly did better than A.J Matthew Salvini with a sticker occurring every daywho literally “stoned” him on the Sunday front page with a voice from his credit card “can you”. Between the swollen eyes and the foaming at the mouth, there was very little to laugh about.

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