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Oriana Marzoli’s Approach to Gielle Di Donna – VIP Big Brother

I look forward to having lunch with a delicious barbecue, Oriana And the Albert They indulge in small talk.

Alberto points out to Oriana that she has been getting closer lately YaelAvoidance of Antonella.

The form can only confirm the thesis. It all happened so naturally, she loves Gael’s way of being.

The rivalry born because of Antonino has prevented them from establishing a dialogue, but now that the story is over, the two girls have overcome their animosities and decide to get to know each other better. They realize they are getting on really well.

The problem with Antonella is that she spends a lot of time with Eduardo. Oriana has a crush on her, but notices that the influencer only looks out for her when she is arguing with the boy. This is not a true friendship.

Alberto understands her a little, but his attitude towards the couple is a little different. On his part, there is also an emotional involvement, it’s not just a matter of friendship.

Oriana loves spending time with someone she considers a friend. A greeting and a few questions now and then are not enough. Would like to support and participate. On the part of Antonella, he saw no interest in supporting her in times of trouble.

It really looks like the balance inside the house is being redesigned. New friendships are formed, while old ones fall apart.

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