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Ukraine, "Russia strengthens military presence in Crimea": US satellite imagery

Ukraine, “Russia strengthens military presence in Crimea”: US satellite imagery

Last month The New York Times என்று கூரியிருந்தது Putin He thought of a new military offensive To capture more Ukrainian land, then Donbass And this Crimea. someone Satellite images Captured in recent weeks and released on December 23rd, confirming what has already been announced. Really photos Max Technologies, A private American company, show Russia He has continued in recent weeks to “strengthen his army in the annexation Crimea And in various parts of western Russia on the border with Ukraine ”.

According to the report, Rseuters, Pictures show a site filled with hundreds of people in the Crimea Vehicles Shielded e Wagons Armed Moscow began to collect from that area 13 December. A satellite image of the same site showed that it was in October Half empty. Other pictures show the continuous accumulation of weapons and vehicles a Yelnia, A Russian city approx 260 kilometers north of the Ukrainian border, And at the training ground of Pokonovo, near the southern Russian city Voronezh.

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