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The NBA, 'Giannis', the bestseller who conquered America, comes to Italy

The NBA, ‘Giannis’, the bestseller who conquered America, comes to Italy

Soon (starting September 1) we will see the protagonist on the floor of the Assago Forum parquet in his Greek jersey against the Italian national team at EuroBasket 2022 (Exclusive to Sky Sport). But already today Giannis Anticonmo lands in Italynot physically but with the version in all librariesItalian Edition (published by add publisher) to celebrate Biography signed by Meren Vader – Already a US bestseller – simply titled Giannis – the amazing rise of a hero. The title’s rise is also truly incredible, even if we only stop to take a look at the later years of the Greek-Nigerian talent’s life and career: NBA MVP in 2019 first time and then again nel 2020 (When he also won The best defender in the league), In the 2021 Realize the dream of winningNBA ring (only second in Milwaukee Bucks history) He was also crowned The best player in that final series against the Phoenix Suns. But in the pages of Fader there is much more, because the quest for this kind of success – as it is now known – begins from a very far away, from a case Irregular and stateless immigrant (citizen without a passport) in the streets SipoliAthena district, where he grew up Mom Veronica, Dad Charles (later disappeared) and his own Brothers (Two of them are with him today in both the NBA and the national team.) In the Italian version of the biography published by add editore gli anecdotes From Giannis Antitokonmo’s “fairy tale” is virtually infinite (and many unpublished) to fill volume 446 pages Which leaves no aspect of the Bucks hero’s life unexplored, either in his personal or professional life.

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The Titles of each chapter It seems best to anticipate the journey – with a happy ending – that Antetokounmpo lived: from complex beginnings (‘Hunger’, ‘dreams’, stateless ‘) On landing, not easy, in the NBA (“America”, “Solo”(until the resounding success)“star”, “whim”, “MVP”). And in the epilogue – the last pages, which were later incorporated into the original, but which are clearly in the Italian version – they are also found. moments of victoryThe sweetest, most beautiful and worthy. Because few players like Giannis Antetokounmpo have conquered the imagination and admiration of NBA fans (and others) from all over the world.