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The Messina Tenaro is now at the end of its life.  “The eighty-year-old mother was also in bed”-

The Messina Tenaro is now at the end of its life. “The eighty-year-old mother was also in bed”-

From our correspondent
“Mom wanted to go to him one last time and say goodbyeand now she too will be in L’Aquila at her son’s bedside.” The indiscretion comes directly from Sicily, from Castelvetrano, the birthplace of Cosa Nostra’s last assassination boss, 61-year-old Matteo Messina Tenaro, In an irreversible coma for two daysat San Salvador Hospital in the capital of Abruzzo. The mayor of Castelvetrano, Enzo Alfano (M5S), took her yesterday while talking to some of his fellow citizens: “They told me she left with her daughter Giovanna”.

Lorenza Santangelo, old and sickly, is the wife of “Don Ciccio.”Messina money, the mafia boss of Trapani province in the late 80s, but no one here has ever seen her. Unable to get confirmation. Outside the room where Matteo Messina Denaro is hospitalized, halfway down the long corridor between the vaccination center and pediatric neuropsychiatry, in the L4 building, there are five policemen, one of them a woman.

It was the prisoner’s wing on the first floor. Very polite but inflexible. The door is closed, guarded by two screens, and they don’t let anyone near. On the street, then, soldiers inside a van, next to the entrance, police officers, carabinieri, financial police and prison guards guard the open, exposed yellow bricks in front of this two-story high building. No trace of it The boss’s daughter, Lorenza, is 27 years oldApproved by his father at the last minute. and his lawyer daughter-in-law, Lorenza Guttadaro, the employer’s legal guardian. Both were named after their grandmothers.

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“The patient is permanently serious and is on exclusive palliative care,” was the latest bulletin filtered yesterday evening. Professor Luciano Muti, an oncologist who has taken Messina Tenaro under medical responsibility since the day after his arrest on January 17, says he is now in charge of supportive treatments for his colleagues. The head doctor here is Franco Marinengeli.

In recent days, doctors have already stopped chemo because of Messina Tenaro’s physiqueUndermined by a colon tumor discovered in 2020, He was very weak. So they first subjected him to pain medication and then anesthetized him according to his last wishes indicated in a living will. There is no cure. Doctors were still obliged to hydrate him, but not resuscitate him and feed him. Complete the final formalities in the presence of your legal guardian and then it will be a matter of business. Hours, days, unpredictable. Meanwhile, he had already arrived at Castelvetrano Order to arrange a cemetery In the tomb: “U Chiku” rests next to his father Francesco, Don Ciccio Messina Tenaro, a long-time fugitive who suffered a heart attack when he died, in the open air, already clothed. And ready for the funeral.