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2.2, the earthquake swarm continues

2.2, the earthquake swarm continues

Mild Earthquake felt in the area of Flagreon fieldsto do Naples. Earthquake, of Size 2.2 According to a report by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, it was recorded 1.53 pm Sunday 24 September.

Earthquake shock at Campy Flegrei

The September 24 earthquake was shallow, less than a kilometer deep. 40.8220, 14.1420 Coordinates recorded by engineer.

The shock started fromPart of the Air Force Academy. Seismic waves were also felt in Bagoli, Monte di Procida, Quarto, Marano, Naples and other municipalities in the region.Despite the weakness of the latest shock, seismic events in the area are frequent, worrying residents.

Eight seismic shocks at Campi Flegrei in September

Here are the 8 earthquakes recorded in the Campi Flegre region in September 2023:

  • Sunday 24 – Magnitude 2.2 shock;
  • Saturday 23 – Magnitude 2.1 shock;
  • Friday 22nd – Level 3 shock;
  • Thursday 21 – Magnitude 2.5 shock;
  • Wednesday 20 – Level 2 shock;
  • Tuesday 12 – earthquake 2.9;
  • Thursday 7th – 3.8 magnitude earthquake.

What is Pradism?

However, officials have repeatedly assured the public: there is no basis for speculation A volcanic eruption.

The area is affected by the event Prodigyor slow movement of the floor.

This phenomenon occurs in different ways over time and leads to both lifting and lowering of the affected area.

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Thanks to the observations carried out on the ruins of the archaeological site, scientists have been able to reconstruct the trend of Pradism in Campi Flegrei from the 4th century AD.

An increasing incidence since 2005

Since 2005, land displacement has resumed unabated due to largesse.

The majority of recorded seismic events are events with a magnitude of less than 1 degree on the Richter scale, recently explained. National newspaper Francesca Bianco, director of Inqui’s Naples division.

Assurances also come from the INGV volcanologist Giovanni MacedonianoWho announced recentlyHandle “To date” the situation “does not give us any signs of sudden changes compared to the trend seen in the last 10 years”.

Photo source: Tuttocittà.it