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If the talk of the press enters the "free" United States - time

If the talk of the press enters the “free” United States – time

Mario Benedetto

Washington, we have a problem. From space, in fact, threats are moving to Earth, which can be precisely anything other than the cradle of freedom America, and towards primary freedom like the press. Threats at the hands or mouth of the White House National Security Council, led by longtime Democrat Joe Biden. “Irresponsible”: In fact, the Council defined the conduct of the New York Times as the crime of publishing an article that brought to the public’s attention the aid provided by US intelligence to Ukraine for killing a Russian. Commanders. In condemning this behavior, a council spokesman said the United States provides ground information, but helps Ukrainians defend their country, not eliminate enemies.

The power of the newspaper is one of the factors that protects us from the “fake news” that is so popular today, and in this sense, the New York Times can boast of some good credits. Discovering the authenticity of this message, the incident creates another message: in the homeland of freedom, the government calls a newspaper, as an “I” and a free expression of thought, however, that a certain credibility must be ordered. . One issue that catches the eyes of the world-famous paradigm shift in Assange’s case: the fact that the press can not be blamed, and voices are still being raised in support of his release from many quarters. . Without rhetoric or contradiction, what would happen to our beloved stars and stripes people? Renewing the relationship between the United States and liberal policies in relation to these news events, especially to the extent that we all grew up with liberalism, sometimes even liberal, even American myths. . We cite the Anglo-Saxon system in university classrooms and debates, which was an organization that gave life to the model of the global press, praising the Declaration of Independence and the principles that enliven it as banners of independence. It is a value embodied in the statue of the same name that came to New York from distant Europe, however, it is worth remembering that it has become a universal symbol of this lofty and undeniable advantage. Yes, to the extent that even good “democrats” are questionable, unless it affects interests.

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When national security is at stake, there is no doubt that a particular focus must be taken by all levels and by all citizens, especially as to the reason why Americans interpret this role in identity and action. However, on the part of an administration, the usefulness and relevance of public announcements and interventions should be questioned, which calls into question policies such as press freedom. This may explain the 42nd place of the states in the recent 2022 rankings of the World Press Freedom Index. We Italians, from our level number 58, can start this warning in the hope that it will help climb some levels. The honors and admirers of the Fourth Estate are waiting for the United States to stay or return.