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Air conditioning, with this button you warm up the car within 10 seconds

Air conditioning, with this button you warm up the car within 10 seconds

The button that saves you from the cold

There is a secret button that warms the car’s cabin in a few moments, and soon it will be necessary to avoid freezing.

Summer ends and we enter fall, which many years ago was just a slightly cooler version of summer itself. However, if recent years have been a warning to us, we know it The cold of winter will come together and without mercySo it’s a good idea to prepare for its arrival and plan car trips carefully.

In fact, driving during the winter can be just as frustrating as it is in the summer, especially for those who struggle a lot Fredo. Low temperatures and not-so-stellar weather conditions are always the perfect ingredients for discomfort and nervousness; At least in the summer we can count on the always faithful air conditioner.

But in winter, it is more difficult to deal with The temperature inside the carEspecially after we park it outside for some time and have to use it during cold times, such as early in the morning to go to work or school. A really ridiculous situation, especially if you realize it A hidden feature in all cars to heat the passenger cabin in just a few moments.

Those few, very few motorists who have realized this, will think it is ridiculous to wait ten minutes (or much more) to warm up the car, but not everyone is aware of this. Makeup will save a lot of your time and trouble on cold winter mornings.

The button is hidden in plain sight

It is related to the warm air in the car that we normally rely on Engine heating. After starting, it takes a few minutes for the engine to reach the ideal temperature, especially on cold winter days, when warm air is not available. In fact, the air ducts pass alongside the engine, exploiting the latter’s heat to heat the passenger compartment.

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Obviously, if the car is parked in areas where engine temperatures are close to zero It may take ten, fifteen, or even twenty minutes to reach the ideal temperaturebut this means that you have to sit in an ice-covered car for twenty minutes, which is not always possible. How to overcome this problem?

Air conditioning in winter is fine

Use the air conditioner even in winter

Modern cars are more advanced than their drivers think, and this is a typical case. Air conditioning is always associated with summer and the need to cool the car and leave it in the sun, but even in winter it is very useful Heat the passenger compartment in just a few moments.

This is done by activating it The air conditioner works like a heat pump using the air already inside the car. The benefit is that the passenger compartment will heat up quickly, but it is recommended to turn off the air conditioner after we reach the required temperature and turn on the conventional heating, which will Air circulation From the outside instead of recycling the inside.