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The Last of Us 2 has sold over ten million copies -

The Last of Us 2 has sold over ten million copies –

In the 2022 Summer Games Festival stage, there was also space for news related to The last of us 2which has Sold more than Ten million copies. The information is very reliable, as it comes directly from Neil Druckman, the game director as well as the vice president of Naughty Dog, the famous development studio that created it.

In short, the masterpiece of PS4 and PS5 managed to enter the club of games of millions. After all, this was to be expected, given what was talked about at the time of its release and in the months that followed.

On the same occasion, Druckmann also talked about the highly anticipated multiplayer mode from The Last of Us, which has become a standalone game, as well as the TV series, which is about to shoot out, and the remastered version of The Last of Us just announced.

In short, it was a great evening for fans of the franchise, who had access to a lot of interesting news for the months and years to come. And it’s also great the fact that a redesigned version of the game will arrive as well computerwhich indicates that we will also see a sequel sooner or later, as part of Sony’s efforts to reach the audience of this platform.

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