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L'età d'oro film Rai 5

The Golden Age movie, the plot, the actors, the actors, the conclusion, the place it was filmed, the location

Sunday May 23 Rai 1 Broadcast a new episode of the legacy Conducted by Flavio Encina.

In today’s episode the new hero Massimiliano He was able to reach guillotine After his defeat at Trielo Elena and Martha. However, he was unable to guess the correct word again. For two consecutive times he had to forfeit the prize pool.

the legacy, Live broadcast on May 23

Flavio EncinaAfter greeting the new hero MassimilianoAgricultural science graduate introduces his opponents. The first is Delilah, Freelance journalist after law degree. It must be determined whether some songs are sung by Max Pezzali or Cesare Cremonini.

Ricardo Instead he is 21 years old. Study Business and Management in Turin. In his spare time he plays basketball and sometimes referee matches. You have to guess whether some of the male characters from the show business are “bald or hairy”.

The The third competitor he is Elena Who is 19 years old. She was born in San Benedetto, but lives in Milan, where she studies musical informatics. For her as sports sets with or without the ball.

Claudio Born in Canada But he lives in Treviso, where he teaches English. The contestant must match the museum to the city in which it is located.

Kiara, 23, was born in Rome but has moved to Padua to study neuroscience. He has to complete some parables.

We also find a fileFormer hero MartaThe deejay and the product. You have to combine your own plant and fruit.

Once the collections are done, Massimiliano chose to face Claudio and Marta in 60 seconds. The English teacher is the first contestant to be eliminated from the ring.

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Inheritance May 23 one or another

Legacy, the first or the other game

The host offers the next match One or the other. For each question it just provides Two possible alternatives. At the end of the first lap they do not respond correctly Delilah, Ricardo and Elena. E Ricardo However to accomplish Double fault He chooses to point the finger at Kiara. The young man, however, is forced to drop out of school.

Four inheritance dates

The four dates for May 23

For the May 23 episode, L’Eredità picks the following Four dates: 1928, 1962, 1974, and 1999.

They give the wrong answer Delilah and Elena ma The latter commits a double foul. The two competitors face off in the 60-second match. Very young Elena managed to stay in the game.

Inheritance May 23 big words

Legacy May 23, Big Words

It’s time for the match Paroloni. It consists of fixing Meaning of some neglected words. The first term is Sephia, That you selected Elena. It is a legume.

The second word instead Coulter, Guess by the hero Massimiliano. It is the blade of the plow that is used to cut the ground vertically.

As a result, Kiara and Martha compete against each other. The first is the competitor who has to leave the studio.

Legacy May 23

Il Trello

On the May 23 episode they challenge each other Trillo Massimiliano, Marta and Elena.

The sample begins He conquers the classes the animals (30,000 euros), geography (€ 10,000)

Martha Instead it responds properly to subjects a kitchen (10.000 €), Music (20.000 €), Curiosity of (20.000 €), sport (30,000 euros) e Literature (20.000 euros).

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Elena finally Failed to respond to any category.

Marta has the highest prize pool The guillotine can be reached. But as usual, he should answer two other questions correctly. Selected topics are Human robots e Comfort.

However, Massimiliano manages to reassert himself as a hero because Marta does not provide the correct answers.

Inheritance May 23 Guillotine Maximilian

Heirloom, Maximilian’s guillotine

Massimiliano He arrives at the guillotine with Ben 190,000 euros You should choose between the following groups: Hundred or Wind, Go or Ask, Fate or Divine, Assisi or Gubbio, stalls or castles. The sample is halved only once. The prize pool depends on this 95,000 euros.

The words that make up the May 23 guillotine are:

  • Wind
  • Requests
  • divine
  • Assisi
  • Toll booths

Massimiliano Books Inflation. However, the correct word is pardon. For the second time in a row he fails to win the guillotine prizes.