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"My name wanders around every year, but ..."

“My name wanders around every year, but …”

It was February 22, 2019, the very popular dating show picks men and women It was broadcast on prime time and tronista Lorenzo Ricardi Roman Claudia Dionigye chose.

Their route was a very popular road, with many twists, thanks to the special character of Lorenzo. Since Selection Day, the two have never separated, they have gone out to live together and happily live their love story.

Guests of the May 22 episode of the radio broadcast It won’t happen anymore Aired on Radio Radio They opened with the hostess Guide of Missile. The presenter appreciated the couple very much, and emphasized that despite the success, the two managed to stay as always.

Lorenzo e Claudia They asserted that this was their goal from the start:

When we selected and entered the hotel room, the first thing we said was “Whatever happens, we must always remain humble as we, the good guys, are at hand“.

Then the two talked about their move to Milan where Lorenzo He opened two clothing stores and is about to open another. The couple also created their own brand, and speaking of projects, the former tronista unbuttoned him, saying: …

If we want to have children in the future, we need a certain job stability.

The presenter, while taking the ball, asked the spouses if there was any intention to marry. Claudia He replied:

For the wedding, I wait for the show, until it arrives I definitely don’t ask for it. Then Lorenzo It’s not very clear so I guess you’ve come up with something pretty cool. If the baby is to arrive first, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Parents really seem to be on their agenda. Lorenzo Confirmed the intention:

Let’s have fun this year, let’s travel, do what we have to do, then start changing diapers and waking up at night for the baby to sleep.

The former suitor increased the dose by saying:

I take a few trips and then definitely put myself down!

Lorenzo Then he talked about rumors about his involvement in reality shows. In fact, his name was also published last year as a potential competitor to VIP elder brother:

My name is rolling over every year but who knows why they always take corpses but always leave me at home!

Previous tronista revealed to whom it supportsIsola 15:

The one I knew really well, and I think is one of the best people on earth, is Andrea Cirioli. It’s really as good as bread, good guy, polite … I rejoice for him!

Lorenzo e Claudia They also admitted that they would accept any participation in the reality show Island of Seduction Strong in their love and thanks to their desire for new experiences.

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You can find Who is the Their full interview, followed by a short excerpt:

Lorenzo e Claudia They have always been the same, and they have great projects together. Are you happy for them?