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Gf Vip 6 Is Clarissa Selassie absent after the accusations against Ricciarelli?

Gf Vip 6 Is Clarissa Selassie absent after the accusations against Ricciarelli?

Clarissa Selassiealready absent from study big brother vip From two episodes due to Covid in one episode Live last night He expressed doubts about his attendance tomorrow in the episode.

The princess admitted that despite it being a Saturday, she was not contacted by my authors reality Being present in the lobby of disqualified competitors. the case? Maybe it could be true Attack on Katia Ricciarelli During the last episode, when – via Instagram – I defined the soprano as “ugly witch“.

If the news is confirmed, it will be difficult to know whether it is the source of the request or not Ricciarelli or by the program provider himself. The truth is that too Alfonso Signorini The princess accused live:

Clarissa Selassie I wrote “Get out the ugly witch” as a gesture I don’t like, you can’t joke about it, it’s very rude. I love the Clarissa And she knows it, my dear Clarissa I have chosen you with your sisters, but I do not accept these overt displays of rudeness. Yes? There are many educated young people who still know good manners.

Who knows if the missed call is related to this event, and who knows if we’ll see tomorrow Clarissa In the episode and whether there is a face-to-face confrontation with Katia. For its part, the Selassie He wanted to assure her that it was over there and that if there were updates on her existence, she would post it on her social channels.

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At this point, we just have to wait for the live stream tomorrow night.