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The German Shepherd attracts the attention of a pregnant woman: and so she discovers that there is “someone” to save him (video)

The German Shepherd attracts the attention of a pregnant woman: and so she discovers that there is “someone” to save him (video)

Thanks to the German Shepherd, there was a very important rescue. The dog realized something was wrong before others did.

Animals have a great survival instinct, which is expressed more strongly than humans, because… It is closely related to basic needs, and has fewer superstructures. In addition, more developed senses, such as hearing and smell, must be added. Pets, genetically adapted to a comfortable life at home, also have it Keep your basic instincts alive and well.

German Shepherd pointing to the net (screenshot from Instagram – @respect_pet) –

Like theAlert in times of dangerAnd other reactions could save his life. Smell and hearing, especially in dogs, remain the senses with which they primarily engage with the world. Some breeds have evolved over time a A communicative relationship with its owner Or in general with a truly exceptional human being.

Video of the rescue operation thanks to the German Shepherd

It’s not difficult for such a sweet, kind and beautiful dog The German Shepherd attracts human attention. And there is no need to bark. German Shepherds, who were also called “wolf dogs” due to their resemblance to wild animals, were domesticated centuries ago and are among the breeds most sympathetic to humans. Their ability to communicate with humans is also due to this fact In recent centuries they have been used to help and protect herds. It is essential in sheep herding activities.

The German Shepherd is the real hero of this story –

The dog in the video He immediately realized something was wrong. He sits in front of a net placed on the side of the road and carefully watches passers-by, trying to attract their attention. Finally, the pregnant woman stops to caress him and “listen” to him. Incredible details are observed. There is a special noise that comes from the grate on the asphalt. Women come closer and listen better. It’s about Meow of the cat that fell into the net And I got stuck there.

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Clearly, rescue is needed. Certainly, a woman in advanced pregnancy cannot make much effort. A passerby stopped. The pregnant woman explains to her that the cat needs to be rescued. Meanwhile, several cars pass by on the road but do not stop. Until he arrivesThe hero who realized that help was needed. The man stops the car, takes a crowbar-like tool, and lifts the net. Take the cat out. It’s safe. But the real hero is the German Shepherd.

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