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“I’m going to be harsh, which countries are safe?”

“I’m going to be harsh, which countries are safe?”

condition Yolanda ApostolicoThe Catania judge, who has rejected government decrees on expulsions and suspended sentencing for some migrants, still has influence.

In the past few hours, the Public Prosecution informed A Double appeal against the two referees dell’Apostolico, an appeal that will be submitted to the Constitutional Court. Thus the story also takes center stage on television, a Tonight Italyprogram Nicholas Burrow On Rete 4, episode on Monday, October 23.

Guest in studio here Tony CapuzzoHe called for comment on this issue. The journalist does not use specific phrases to reject Apostolico’s actions. “I may be harsh, but what is the result? – pressure -? “I don’t think this judge from Catania made the ruling on a personal basis, but you are putting grains of sand in a mechanism that already works as poorly as the ejection mechanism.”

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And again: “The mechanism is sensitive, as it involves sending those who have broken the law, often to unsafe destinations, and returning people to Syria and Gaza today would not be very safe. But at this point, if Tunisia is not safe, which countries do you think are safe?“, concludes Tony Capuzzo. Checkmate by Yolanda Apostolico.

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