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The frightened public came out of their homes

The frightened public came out of their homes

The roar, which was felt this afternoon by thousands of citizens living in the Treviso area of ​​San Giuseppe, caused one or more military planes to break the sound barrier in Roncate, San Piaggio. And the monastery. The noise, a huge explosion, had shaken the houses to the point of warning the residents, forcing them to go outside. There were countless phone calls to the switchboards of Carabinieri, firefighters and Zoom 118. The roar was heard in the provincial center of Venice, especially between Jesolo, Cavalino, Maestro and Venice.

Note from the Istrana site: Sonic Boom for an Air Force fighter jet

The supersonic aircraft was designed and operated in accordance with established rules. The F-2000 Eurofighter fighter of the 51st Division of the Italian Air Force created the Bang Sonic at an altitude of about 14,000 meters, crossing the sound barrier in Seogia during a scheduled flight parked at Estrana on Monday, March 21 at 2 p.m. Above sea level, in the sky over the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. The aircraft, properly duly approved and conducted in accordance with applicable rules, is part of the normal training activities to maintain the operational readiness of the departments involved in the protection of national airspace. The operation took place at the expected altitude and speed, especially in areas designed specifically for the performance of supersonic aircraft and training maneuvers. The roar was heard on the ground despite the high altitude because the weather conditions of the wind and temperature could increase the spread of the shock wave. Since the time of peace with NATO countries, the Air Force has been ensuring the surveillance of national airspace 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with an integrated security system. The defense of the national airspace, as well as the 4th Wing (Gr), the 36th Division (Ba), the 37th Division (Tp) Eurofighter aircraft and the 32nd Wing are stationed from the 51st Division of Istrana. Amandola (Fg) F-35 fighter aircraft.

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