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Il tempo previsto per la settimana

OMEGA BLOCKING A more interesting week than expected, we tell you the consequences in Italy

Weather: The week OMEGA Blocking is more interesting than expected, we tell you the consequences in Italy

Expected time of weekYou do not enter from the west, you do not pass from the east! The Anticyclonic module Italy is getting caught in its grip Imposes Compared to what computer centers only considered until a few days ago.
It is no coincidence that these particular stressful expressions got their name Omega volumeFrom the Greek script (Omega inhibition, In English). In short, the area we can identify as the anticyclonic area “blocked” to the west or by two low pressure centers laterally in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. In this case, our country is OK!

But what will Effects To Italy?
Said soon! If on the one hand Atlantic disturbances Can not break and at the same time, on the opposite side, even cold currents are not likely to break, and here the atmospheric conditions are characterized only by good weather, stability and so on.Temperature Increase in general.
The good news for those who like sun and temperate weather, however, is that we must not forget a problem that is now getting worse and worse, i.e. Drought. Our lands have long been thirsty for water, especially as winter in the north ended with a clear stumbling block in the bluviometric view.
And the situation is likely to get worse. High pressure should be trapped in our country for several days, thus making it worse Drought problem.

Even after the start of the week, our main islands and the south are characterized by some instability. Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th at leastWe were surrounded by clear skies almost everywhere, with one exception: two large islands in the far south, which may still remain, but increasingly frightening, Cloudy However, significant rainfall was not expected.

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To move this stalemate, we will have to wait until at least next weekend for more pressure (conditional compulsion) to open a corridor to the Atlantic Intersection.
Confirmations await.