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In Madeleine, the fire began to spread again in the Mombiano Valley

In Madeleine, the fire began to spread again in the Mombiano Valley

There is no rest for the mountain of the house: Magathalin is still burning. When he seemed humble Another wildfire It has been cut down on the slope of the forest in an area of ​​one hectare since yesterday Mombiano ValleyHere the flames begin to rise again and illuminate a part of the panorama of those who turn their gaze north from the capital.

Groups running between noon Muratello And the unseen decline of the Mombiano Valley Mitigation and mitigation Are active again. Firefighters at the site and volunteers from forest firefighting associations have spent the last few hours generously.

The area affected by the fire – may have gone down The fire is slightly smaller than where it occurred yesterday – It will be subjected to overnight to allow resumption of shutdown operations from dawn. Wind and weather – being in excellent condition – certainly will not help the ground teams. It is therefore not excluded that the intervention of the aircraft may be requested again tomorrow morning: they have already intervened today. Helicopters and Canada.

The bad news comes as soon as the sigh of relief comes as the start of a new fire in the Prussia area always disappears, but in this case a Odecla de Malonno: Here I am in the afternoon About 2 hectares of wood was burntBut the flames were fortunately extinguished in a timely manner.