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The first exhibition dedicated to Dante Ferretti “Not even the beginning of my future collaboration with Macerata”

MACERATA – The Oscar-winner enthusiastically participated in the opening of the exhibition organized by the Karima Foundation in his honor. President Del Palzo: “It is the honor that the city gives to a son who has become famous and illustrious in the world.” Site designer Ironic commented on the Totally Black Stage: “I didn’t know you’d take me to hell even if my name was Dante and I knew something about hell.” Pictures

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Opening of the exhibition “Dante Ferretti”. mistakenly ephemeral”

From Mauro Giustuzi (photo on Fabio Falcioni)

The veil is torn on the “Dante Ferretti, ephemeral by mistake” exhibition held in Palazzo Ricci and which will remain open until September 19, exhibition curated by Pierfrancesco Giannangeli and Benito Leonori with the help of Bianca Piacentini, promoted by the Carima Foundation with the sponsorship of the Marche District and the Municipality of Macerata.


Dante Ferretti with President of the Carima Rosaria Del Balzo Foundation

The inauguration took place shortly before, at the end of a ceremony in Piazza Vittorio Veneto in the presence of Dante Ferretti himself, of institutional and military authorities, of the Bishop of Macerata Nazarino Marconi. Display ten pastel drawings on aluminum, paper, cardboard, plywood, canvas (including those for films awarded at the Academy Awards) and a resin model belonging to the collections of the Karima Foundation. With an evocative all-black setup which, thanks to the business’s special lighting as well, brings out the beauty of the Macerata-based great scenographer’s sketches. The visitor will find himself immersed in the process of artistic creation, in the same situation that the director is in when the designer presents the creative hypothesis to him, through drawings and models. The exhibition is an exciting journey between darkness and light, between sounds and noise to discover and relive how the process of building this film or theatrical performance begins. With the grand closing of the exhibition dedicated to the three Oscar-related works Ferretti received for the films “The Aviator”, “Hugo Cabrett” by Martin Scorsese and “Sweeney Todd – The Devil’s Barber on Fleet Street” by Tim Burton.


Dante Ferretti with his wife Francesca Lo Schiavo

Dante Ferretti himself was especially excited Who was honored for the first time at Macerata with an exhibition dedicated to him for his work as a website designer that has catapulted him to the top of cinema in the world. “I didn’t know you were taking me to Hell – Dante Ferretti began by referring to the all-black setting that surrounds the flight in his exhibited works – though my name is Dante and I know something about Hell. All black, but I must also say black is fading, I myself am dressed in the dark night clothes and you can only see my head. Am I related to any of these drawings? To what is not there. Seriously among these exhibits, a certain memory binds me to the three films that allowed me to have this thing which, reminds me of what is called, oh yeah, it seems to me that an Oscar is called. Then the pilot, Hugo Cabrett and Sweeney Todd.

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Ferretti inside the showroom

Then there is the paradise of the Canterbury Tales, which I love so much.” About the fact that this first exhibition dedicated to him can be a step towards a more effective future and cooperation with his home city Dante Ferretti leaves any interpretation of the words he utters open. “This cannot even be considered the beginning of my future commitment here at Macerata – confirms the site designer – it can be seen in the same way as someone entering a restaurant and sitting down and asking what they want to eat. Suppose it can be compared to a restaurant. We will see in the future what happens.”


Rosaria del Palzo

The head of the Karima Ribbon-Cutting Foundation also attended, Rosaria del Palzo Ruete, who gave a home homage to Maestro Ferretti and the many trusted guests present at this opening at Palazzo Ricci. “It is the beginning of a renewed cultural season for Macerata – said the head of the Foundation – we just reopened the Palazzo Ricci two months ago, and now let’s start with this exhibition featuring Dante Ferretti drawings that will surely attract a lot of curiosity. I think it is an understatement of its definition as an exhibition: it is not a simple exhibition But it is a path that we invite all who visit it to take in this world the balance between dreams and imagination, between reality and what we want to imagine, between the ephemera that constitutes many of the daily situations we live and that may or may not return. It is the first tribute that our city gives to a son who has become so famous and illustrious in the world that he has made Macerata known everywhere. We would like this trip to Palazzo Ricci to take many young people and also: to enter a tunnel without lights to rediscover lights, sensations and sounds and perhaps also to rediscover a part of ourselves.”


Pier Francesco Gianangeli, Curator

Samples of Dante Ferretti on display by the Carima Foundation on display at Palazzo Ricci showcased history and stories. They make it possible to determine the paths and destinies that intersect, through a visionary creativity that makes the visitor dream. “The show’s title was mistakenly ephemeral as the work of a web designer—one of the curators remembers Pierfrancesco Gianangeli—we played a bit with words. It has always been said that in the world of entertainment in general, the portion of images, and thus the stories that those images tell, are ephemeral. In our opinion this is wrong, because those structures, those images remain in the common memory of the spectators. They feed their imagination and so we thought of this title. It is a mistake to consider the work of scenography ephemeral: we have played with the notion of error that Mr. Ferretti inserts into his works.

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DanteFerretti_FF-25-325x217He has told her several times that he made a small mistake in his business, challenging the viewer to find it. The work on the master’s sketches was wonderful: on the one hand they are working tools, almost notes for something that would later be something else, that is, a film or an opera. But precisely because of the care with which these drawings are made, they are works of art in themselves and we have considered them to be. The real paintings that must be viewed with a double view: the whole of the work and on the other hand the details that Dante Ferretti inserts in all his works and are essential.”

From Hollywood to Macerata, a journey through Dante Ferretti’s art “It’s Our Gift to the City”



Dante Ferretti with Bishop Marconi












Dante Ferretti with President of the Carima Rosaria Del Balzo Foundation

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