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The first edition of the “Calma Piata” festival in Bibione

The first edition of the “Calma Piata” festival in Bibione

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A series of events dedicated to the sea and the defense of its ecosystem through the arts and scientific publishing

Bibioni will host “Flat calm. Ideas for moving waterthe first A festival dedicated to the marine environmentThis is on the occasion of National Sea Day, which falls on April 11. The festival will be held specifically From 10 to 14 April. It includes a calendar of events ranging from art, entertainment and public discussions, as well as educational activities and creative workshops targeting young people.

“The festival, the first edition of what we hope will be a multi-year journey, was born from the desire to arouse consciences and encourage ideas and actions aimed at achieving the common goal of preserving the important marine ecological heritage, which has been severely affected by the impacts of the climate crisis and its human impact on its ecosystem,” comment Tommaso SandripresidentFree Minds Association. Who organized the initiative?

This event benefits from important collaborations, e.g WWF Marine Protected Area of ​​Miramar, ISPRA CN-COS Lagoons and Intertidal Area, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Veneto Agriculture, Supported by Municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento, Babyoni Green & Smart H Lions Club Bibione and Lignano.

“Calma Beata”, here is the program of the event

It will be the focus of the event Bibione Lighthouse. In recent weeks, the festival was preceded by an artistic residency in which the Piedmontese artist was a guest in the city Laura Pugnowho was working on the work scheduled to be shown on April 11 with A Marcia's performance On Bibione Beach. Throughout the summer an exhibition will be held in one of the lighthouse's rooms, which will explain the project in detail, accompanied by photographic and video materials.

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In the program details, Wednesday 10 April The marine geologist will be a guest at Savoy Beach Fabio Tricardi. Followed by the screening of the documentary “in the ice” Directed by Lars Ostenfeld, in the original subtitled version, edited by Cinemazero.

Sunday 14 April A full day of activities is planned at the lighthouse. Among the suggestions is reading the book to music “Letter tra Due mari” by Siri Ranfa Helm JacobsenInformation meeting “Stories of Resilience: The Challenges of the Climate Crisis and the Importance of Coastal Habitats” that it'Eco walking Discover the biodiversity of the coastal environment in Bibione. Children will also be able to explore the marine world thanks to the workshops.

Schools will also participate. In particular Aristide Gabelli Primary School Bibione, whose students will participate in the final phase of tree planting in the area at the mouth of a pine forest that suffered a fire in the summer of 2022.

In case of bad weather, when possible, the activities will be moved to the conference hall of the Bibione Municipal Delegation, on Via Maja 84.

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