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The blue supermoon, it’s X time, and it’s now going red!  »

The blue supermoon, it’s X time, and it’s now going red! »

From the evening of Wednesday August 30th and then the next night, X began and so we were able to observe the gorgeous blue supermoon and we can do it again: the show goes on!
Moreover, in a few hours our satellite It will even turn red.

Meanwhile, what is Blue supermoon? We tell you right away, don’t expect to see a blue moon as in the picture above, only in your children’s drawing papers you can see it, if they want, in this shade.
So why is it called a blue supermoon?

First of all, you have one Supermoon When our satellite is in full moon phase (full moon) and at the same time (or with a difference of a few hours) at the closest point to Earth (rock bottom). On these occasions, we will notice that the moon will be slightly larger than usual (7-10% more), and therefore its brightness will be greater (10-13% more).
But why blue? (excellent)blue moon It actually only comes from its supposed rarity, especially from the English expression “Once in a blue moon” (once every blue moon), which is intended to refer to something that does not occur commonly (although the phenomenon actually occurs every 3-5 years).
Over the years, two definitions of a (super) blue moon have spread: the origin is the one that is attributed to it The third full moon in a season contains four. However, later on, the same definition also spread for The second full moon in one monthsuch as the one we will admire on the last day of August (the first happened on August 1).
This second identification is, in fact, the result of an error: the confusion was first made by the amateur astronomer. James Hugh Pruitt (1886-1955), who misunderstood the basis for calculating the “real” blue moon, writing that it was the second full moon in one month in an article published in the journal sky and telescope in 1946. This misidentification has spread ever since, especially after it was mentioned on the popular radio program called star history, in 1980 and then appeared as an answer in the 1986 version of the board game Frivolous pursuit.
Today, however, it is now considered one The second definition instead of wrong.

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But why is the supermoon turning red now? When sunlight passes through the atmosphere, its photons can interact with molecules of the gases that make it up or with other suspended matter, such as moisture, pollutants, dust, or water vapor droplets. This phenomenon is called Riley gets distracted. For a few minutes, when the moon rises or sets, only a portion of the longer-wavelength visible light reaches our eyes, which corresponds to the hues of the visible spectrum of light, which can range from yellow-brown to orange, and sometimes even to red.

Weather information and forecast – in 3.35 on August 31st The supermoon has reached its maximum phase, but it can also be seen in the evening.
The weather is generally improving, which is why most Italians will be able to easily observe it.