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The arrival of Ferrari, the uncompromising spider: the SP-8 is the new flagship of Maranello

The arrival of Ferrari, the uncompromising spider: the SP-8 is the new flagship of Maranello

Ferrari SP-8 –

Ferrari Sp-8, a name that already suggests something unique and elusive, is certainly not a racing car designed to be handed into the hands of the first rich man to ask to buy it.

The world of high-level cars is like this: there are models and engines that should remain in the collective imagination and Forever preserved in the memory of enthusiasts and designers.

The latter put his hand on Engineering feats of Titanic’s depth, which are transformed into unique cars, which can never be reproduced in the same way again. Like real tailored clothes, but here things get more complicated and interesting.

Let’s talk about the so-called One-time modelsThose that when they leave the factory mark a milestone in the history of the manufacturer. Ferrari knows something about these kinds of quite bizarre commissions, as they’re now used to doing them every now and then Unique and unrepeatable pieces.

Screaming for once

The beauty of these models is that You can admire it only once, at best on the occasion of the exhibition Or a quick presentation, and then never again. In fact, it would be very difficult to be able to meet one of these monsters that could not even be defined as rare, but unique.

What exactly are we talking about? From Ferrari SP-8, the new fireball of the One-Off series Del Cavallino, part of the program Special projects. Wow, that alone would be enough to put it straight into a museum in Maranello, but that’s clearly not going to be the case, because it was commissioned by a top-secret agent from Taiwan. The new supercar designed by Pens Ferrari Style Centre Under supervision Flavio ManzoniIt is equipped with a rear-mounted, center-rover V8 engine, the same engine on which it was designed F8 Spider Which also gives it structure, so to speak.

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Ferrari SP-8 –

SP-8, a Ferrari-style roadster

The scary one Twin Turbo V8Unfortunately, it’s destined to become a rarity in the age of electric cars, and it’s one of the most aggressive engines the Cavallino has ever developed. Engine, A 3.9 litreshas already proven to be one of the most popular engines in history, topping the podium four times in a row For International Engine of the Year. Not bad at all.

However, one aspect that catches the eye is clearly its design. This SP-8 was specially designed and meticulously studied by aerodynamicists in Maranello Don’t put any ceiling, Ferrari in roadster sauce for that. The careful removal of the hardtop has allowed Complete redesign of the back. As far as the front line is concerned, this is striking Huge homogeneous network Which is not composed of different elements, but is A unique piece created using additive manufacturing technology, That is, 3D printing. Many of the elements that make up this supercar are borrowed from a unique mix of different Ferrari models that seem to fit together perfectly.