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That flag on the Russian border: a slap in the face to Putin

That flag on the Russian border: a slap in the face to Putin

Little by little the Ukrainians are trying to recover parts of the territories occupied by the Russians even a few weeks ago: as we saw on Kharkiv, north of Donbass, where Putin’s army was forced to retreat further. What Zelensky’s men managed to do, in fact, is similar to what happened in Kyiv in the early stages of the conflict with a stubborn defense of the capital, which she did not allow the Russians to occupy and from which they were literally driven out. a video Spreading on social networks, it shows the happiness of Ukrainians who reached the border with Russia and symbolically planted the colors of their flag as a sign of victory.

Blue and yellow share

Posted by Republic Another informative display, in its early stages, is that Ukrainians advance in a row amidst the vegetation: men in the foreground with a pole painted in the colors of their country’s flag. They stop for a few seconds, wait until the whole battalion is zipped and leave: a soldier controls the scene with his smartphone. From the trees you pass into a large green space, the speed gets faster but at a certain point all the soldiers stop. We can see some kind of channels dug into the ground, perhaps the symbolic line reservation With enemies and with Putti and Russia. The camera zooms in on a sign but the language and lower resolutions don’t allow you to carefully read and translate what’s written on it.

Fifth victory

It does not matter, men gather everywhere around the pillar they have planted well on the ground for a commemorative picture: there are those standing, those who sit almost in front of them as if it were a group sports photograph. Someone is talking in the background as if orchestrating the scenario that will go around the world in the best possible way: the soldier makes a gesture with his hands, spreads his thumb and little finger, but then win over In the center of the picture it was made with the index and middle finger of another soldier. Parallel with V for Russian tanks Automatic: Russian side, this symbol reminds us of the presence of the enemy in their house, the gesture made with the hands is the universal gesture and is a well-deserved success for people who try with nails and with his teeth he takes back what is rightfully his.

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“Mr. President, we did it.”

Apart from the Ukrainian flag and colors, the counterattack in the Kharkiv region is enthusiastically moving forward. If consolidated, the morale of Zelensky’s men would rise while awaiting Western supplies. “Mr. President, we did it“, celebrate Proud of the army on the border with Russia, with Zelensky who immediately responded by saying “Unlimited gratitude“For the forces of the 227th Battalion of the 127th Brigade who wrote the video we saw earlier. Moscow, meanwhile, is trying to consolidate its control in the Bryansk and Kursk regions while Belarusian forces are also trying to extend a helping hand to the Ukrainians. Among these results: The conflict will continue for a long time.