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Ukraine and the fake Hemar, the taste of Kyiv that deceives Putin's missiles

Ukraine and the fake Hemar, the taste of Kyiv that deceives Putin’s missiles

Dozens of missile systems himars Americans have been beaten up in recent weeks in Ukraine. Or so the Kremlin believes. In fact put it in Hundreds of expensive ones are wasted missiles To knock out the wooden copies of the famous American long-range artillery systems. The Washington Post In a report on the latest strategy used by Ukrainians to “cheat” Putin.

Ukraine, the moment when the Kyiv army bombed two Russian armored vehicles identified by drones

dummy artillery systems to attract missiles

In short, the Ukrainians will use bait to lure Russian missiles to “false targets”. “Replica HIMRAS systems” are outwardly similar to real systems, but they are made of wood. For Russian drones patrolling the skies of Ukraine seems real, their position, which artillery has been notified in Moscow, leads to missile attacks by ships stationed in the Black Sea.

This way is very expensive “Lost” Kalibr cruise missiles To destroy fake targets. According to a Washington Post report, the Russians have used more than 10 missiles in the past week. The success that prompted the Ukrainians to increase the production of bait. The strategy appears to be working. According to a US diplomat (reported by the Washington Post) The Russians claim to have hit a higher number of HIMARS than those sent.

What are Hemar and why do the Russians want to hit them?

Also known as the M-142 HIMARS, it is a lightweight multiple rocket launcher developed in the late 1990s for the US Army, mounted on a standard US Army M1140 truck chassis. These artillery systems have greatly helped Kyiv because, having a range of up to 80 km, they are able to break the Russian supply line, which is forced to move its warehouses far from its range of action.