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The Wall Street Journal reported that the plane crash in southern China in March was intentional

Data extracted from the black box of China Eastern Airlines plane It fell in southern China on March 21 Indicates that the disaster was deliberately caused by someone in the cockpit. tell it article from The Wall Street Journalwho spoke to some of the people close to the initial investigation conducted in the United States – the Chinese authorities, who are trying to find out what happened, asked for cooperation from the American side, as the plane was a Boeing, an ‘American company’.

in the disaster 132 people diedall those on board.

A person involved in the investigation of the US team he said to Reuters That after the first analyzes on the remains of the aircraft found no evidence of malfunctions, an investigation began into the actions of the crew. The investigators’ attention could now turn to the three pilots on board. At the moment, someone else’s entry into the cockpit to shoot him down cannot be ruled out, but in March China Eastern said it had virtually ruled out that possibility, since no warning messages or requests for help came from the plane. .

Flight MU5735 had taken off from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, and was headed to Guangzhou, an important port city northwest of Hong Kong, where it was due to arrive about an hour and a half later. However, the plane began to decline rapidly after less than an hour of flight, and crashed into a mountainous area near Wuzhou, in Guanxi. China Eastern said the captain had a flight experience of 6,709 hours, while the other two officers flew in the cockpit for 31,769 hours and 556 hours, respectively. They did not have any particular problems in their career and had been working for the airline for some time.

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