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(ANSA) – Rome, July 06 – Virtual taekwondo is expected to become an important sector in the world of taekwondo events following the agreement signed between the International Taekwondo Federation and Refract Technologies, which will organize competitions around the world, starting with a demonstration next August at the Commonwealth Championships. Esports in Birmingham, UK.

Through Virtual Taekwondo, World Taekwondo aspires to make a significant contribution to the 2020+5 Olympic agenda, particularly in the growing digital engagement with grassroots and video game communities. Italian Federation President, Angelo Seto, said he was “especially happy and satisfied with this agreement which marks the conclusion of a path that began in 2018. As World Taekwondo and Fita, we have worked hard to create the right synergy between the real world and the virtual.” I am sure that Taekwondo Virtualization will meet the expectations of young people who also see virtual games as a way to express themselves and realize their dreams,” concluded Seto.

According to World Taekwondo President Chugwon Choue, Virtual Taekwondo is an “active virtual sport that shares a lot of the characteristics of combat sports. Starting with the Commonwealth Export Championship in August, we intend to introduce Virtual Taekwondo alongside our existing tournaments.” Chugwon Choue added that his desire is to have Virtual Taekwondo in the Olympic Virtual Series and as one of the first virtual sports to win Olympic medals. (Dealing).

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