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Surprising reaction from Napoli

Surprising reaction from Napoli

After the negative performance against Real Madrid this evening, former Napoli player Kim was attacked on social media by Bavarian fans. But in Naples something unexpected happens.

The first round of the challenge is valid to reach the final Champions League between Bayern Monaco H real madrid It ended with a score of 2-2. An amazing match, full of goals, plays and a lot of competitive spirit, played by both teams at their best, and deserves these prestigious stages. One of the few who looked out of form and played little in the match was the Bayern defender Kim Min Jae. Lex Naples The protagonist was despite himself with a terrible performance, as the goalkeeper missed the first goal behind him and a penalty kick was awarded at the end of the match when his team gained the advantage. The anger of the Bavarian fans exploded on social media after the final whistle of the match. Meanwhile, A NaplesThe climate towards the footballer is completely different.

Napoli and Kim arouse the ire of the Bavarians, and the Azzurri fans dream of his return

On the social profiles of Bayern Monaco The South Korean defender received many messages of anger and tension: “You gave Madrid two goals.”Under his last picture, we read again: “Two goals because of you“, followed by: “I honestly don’t understand a player who prevented us from winning.”. Even worse are the comments under the post he made Bayern At the end of the match vs TRUE: “Someone tell Kim we are playing in the Champions League semi-final No more quiet Sunday matches in the Italian championshipAnd finally: “Don't let Kim play again, he made a big mess the whole match.”.

Kim took aim on social media, angering Bayern fans: surprising reaction from Napoli
Kim, Vinicius and Neuer, Ansa,

While in Germany the climate is far from calm, A Naples In these moments, we dream more than ever of the defenders returning to the blue. On social media, Napoli fans are asking the Azzurri owner to make an effort to bring him home Kim. Another lackluster performance of the season from the twenty-seven-year-old is working in the club's favour From LawrenceWho is thinking about keeping him away from Bayern Loan with right of redemption A year later it sold for a record $45 million (plus commissions, editor). If the deal goes through, then Naples It will re-embrace one of the main supporters of last year's tournament, and it has not been replaced adequately or by John Jesus Nor from his countryman Nathan.

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