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Super Osimhen, the prop that launches

Super Osimhen, the prop that launches

Frozenone A bad idea must have gone through Rudi Garcia’s head when Napoli didn’t turn around after ten minutes of kick-off against Frosinone. Walked, slid. Even the tireless Lobotka seemed to be on a beach vacation, hitting the ball briskly and adequately. On the other hand, Di Francesco’s team shows imagination and strength, closes spaces, waits for Napoli in the summer edition and starts again. He took the lead thanks to Kagusti’s sprawling gesture that kicked Paez all over the area and Harwi didn’t let himself fear a penalty.

Garcia told Napoli to reduce their dribbling and switch to the upright position immediately. Suggest long launches and exploit Osimhen’s strength. The difference is already clear, but the goal-hungry heart of the Nigerian striker, last season’s top scorer and two-goal scorer, is the same. Politano starts the perfect comeback. A good start is half done, and this applies to Osimhen, who, happy, smiling at the end of the match, confirms that “I give my heart and soul to Napoli.” But negotiations on contract renewal are still ongoing: «We are negotiating – he says -. But De Laurentiis decides, he is the boss.” Maybe, but now he’s the one conducting Garcia’s orchestra, even though the coach put him on the ropes during the break. «I told him that he should help his teammates in the defensive phase, as he did last year. He understood it and things changed in the second half.”

The first one was good, and Mr. Rudy certainly isn’t shy about commenting on Spalletti, the coach of the national team. “Good luck – he sends him the message – Italy is a good team.” Will your Napoli be beautiful too? Garcia wants to improve many things (“We have to shoot more from the outside and always keep our motivation high”) and introduce others (“I tried Ostegaard as a midfielder and he is a solution for the future”).

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However, he remains the protagonist, the guy all coaches want to be. “Victor is a driving force and a motivator. Someone who always wants to win when he wears a Napoli shirt, ”Rudi does not skimp on compliments. And then he reconciles at the end of the match with a yellow card. “Obviously the referee wanted to welcome me to Italy,” he said philosophically. He has a calm look, made his Napoli debut with a comeback victory and the game that was taking a bad turn is his trick. Anguissa is on the court in the second half for the unfortunate Cajuste, attention on the defensive stage and above all a competitive rage. The comfort zone was a calculated risk, and fortunately in Frosinone it only lasted a short time.