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“We are not men, leave without money and housing”

“We are not men, leave without money and housing”

Less than a month from the start of the tournament There is no confirmed information about Sampdoria women. sampdoria team, One of the ten champions in the Women’s First Division 2023-24still struggling with i Economic problems which the men’s section of the club seems to have outgrown with the advent of The Manfredi-Ravizzani duo. But difficulties still exist for the players. So much so that the A-Team group denounced the whole thing with an open letter they publishedItalian Footballers’ Association.

Sampdoria women’s players complain

The long letter opens thus: “Until today we have not expressed ourselves publicly, now, given the long waiting period without reply, We feel it is appropriate to express our point of viewThis is the situation: “So far, after more than four weeks of sudden and persistent changes of position from before New ownership represented by Manfredi and Radrizzani, We still do not know the fate of the women of Sampdoria. Less than a month before the start of the Italian league championship, The available team has not yet been called to start the activity. Because of these constant delays and lack of communication We find ourselves in a state of complete hardship, without lodging or wages“.

Indictment: Sampdoria’s players did better

Hence the controversy over unequal treatment of men:Unlike the men’s team, we have not yet received our June payment related to last season. Again, it is clear how Our rights as women are secondary to our male colleagues. These delays put us at greater risk for injuries that can greatly affect our careers. In addition to the possible physical problems, we would like to stress the consequences of this condition for our mental health: Anxiety, stress, depression and instability“.

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Women’s First Division, on September 16 there is Sampdoria Inter

This is the last part of the message: “Before we are players, we are people who suffer and deserve respect, who have never been shown until now. For these reasons we ask so hard and Ithere as soon as possible This one is taken Final decision, Whatever it is, to put an end to this heartbreaking situation and let each player decide their own future. BrieflyThe request to Sampdoria’s owners is clear: to decide whether or not to participate in the next women’s league And in the event of a negative opinion, release everything immediately. The tournament starts on September 16 (Sampdoria – Inter selected), Championship risked falling from ten to nine teams even before his departure.

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