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Never lost a piece of luggage in 30 years – SiViaggia

Never lost a piece of luggage in 30 years – SiViaggia

In Japan, specifically in kansai, A wonderful area that can be considered the spiritual and cultural capital of the country, and has an airport that can be considered, in light of the facts The most reliable in the world. Located on an artificial island in Osaka Bay, it was opened to the public in 1994 and was designed by a world-famous Italian architect: Renzo Piano.

Kansai Airport designed by Renzo Piano

The magnificent Kansai Airport was born from a complex work that combined architecture and engineering in an ingenious way. I just think it is him The world's first floating port It is 4.37 kilometers long and 1.25 kilometers wide, and its dimensions are supported by more than a million columns, which pass through 20 meters of seawater and 20 meters of muddy layer, and find support in 40 meters of bedrock.

Truly impressive numbers, so much so that the island and airport project has the title The most expensive civil works of the modern era: 20 years of planning, 8 years of construction, and $15 billion in investments.

The artificial island on which it was built is 3 kilometers away from the mainland, and for this reason it is connected to it via a two-level bridge: the upper one is designated for road traffic, while the lower one is designated for rail traffic. An exceptional structure, built in such a way that it can compensate for the gradual decline experienced by the island on which it is located, while always keeping the building in the right relationship with the island's land and its infrastructure.

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But not only that, the airport has already proven to be quite safe, surviving hurricane winds of up to 200 km/h in 1998 unscathed, so it won't surprise you to know that this work designed by Renzo Piano has already received some Very important awards, including being one of the ten structures “Millennium Civil Engineering Monument” awarded to him in 2001 byAmerican Society of Civil Engineers. And that's certainly not all, because this wonderful airport in Japan today certainly holds an enviable record, so much so that it makes it the airport The most reliable airport in the world.

No luggage has been lost in Kansai in 30 years

In 2024, Kansai International Airport will turn 30, and it's doing so in style: here No luggage was ever lost From his birth until today. No, this is not a trivial matter at all, because in three decades, this beautiful airport has handled 55 million bags and more than 500 million passengers.

And the Corriere della Sera To report this strange record, emphasizing that no problem of this kind has been highlighted until during The turbulent months after Covid, When most of the world's airports were understaffed, this inevitably led to increased inconvenience. However, it is fair to specify that this data takes into account exclusively bags handled at that same airport, and not those that never arrived in Kansai due to a problem upon departure.

Therefore, we can conclude that when Japanese efficiency meets Italian genius, they succeed without a doubt Results that are truly the envy of the whole world.

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