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Max Verstappen also won the US GP – F1

Max Verstappen also won the US GP – F1

Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari's Charles Leclerc were disqualified from the race at the end of the United States Grand Prix after their cars failed post-race inspections, the FIA ​​said. Former world champion Hamilton finished second behind Max Verstappen (Red Bull) in Austin, while Leclerc finished sixth. Both drivers saw their places rescinded after the technical team discovered excessive wear on the underside of their cars. The FIA ​​said in a statement that both teams acknowledged the findings of the inspection report on the violations found, which the teams said were likely due to the bumpy track and the tight time frame between Saturday and Sunday's races. “It is the responsibility of the competitors to ensure that the car respects the rules throughout the competition,” the FIA ​​stated.

After the disqualification, Lando Norris (McLaren) rose to second place in the Austin Grand Prix, while Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) reached the podium. Sergio Perez (Red Bull) rose to fourth place, increasing his lead over Hamilton, who is second in the drivers' standings. Logan Sargeant (Williams) finished 10th and took his first Formula 1 point at his home track.

The scenario hasn't changed, Verstappen wins in Texas as well – Max Verstappen again. The Flying Dutchman's dominance in Formula One has become a nightmare not only for his opponents, but also for those, except the Dutch fans, who want to experience different emotions for at least once. Instead, the scenario was the same in Austin as well, so the three-time world champion achieved the 50th success of his career and the 15th of the season, equaling in the latter case the record that already belonged to him from last season.

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In short, this weekend, with the world titles already decided, Red Bull already winning the constructors' title at Suzuka and a third consecutive drivers' title won by Verstappen at Losail, there was little emotion, in the name of overwhelming superiority, which also threatens to destroy interest in the top class. From car racing. Verstappen is a cannibal in Formula 1, even if in these circumstances he tries to upset him who was “destroying” his opponents before him, namely seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, however, his Mercedes is currently “normal” and therefore little he can do Against Red Bull, the orange champion. The Briton was also disqualified, along with Leclerc, for a technical violation.

But at least today, fans can try to console themselves by thinking that had Mercedes made the first stop, they probably would have been able to play for the win or at least put more effort into Verstappen than usual, who won in Texas on Despite the start. From sixth place on the grid. The decisive moment of his race arrived on the 28th lap of the scheduled 56, and then in the middle of the race, when the Dutchman launched his attack on Norris' brakes at Turn 12, at the end of the long track: a perfect move on the part of the drivers. The Red Bull driver who passed inside. And Norris himself was, in the end, one of the winners of the day, because he held on and ended up on the podium, in third place after being overtaken by Hamilton who was really “on the ball” today.

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And the Ferrari? They finished fourth and sixth respectively, with Sainz and Leclerc emerging (later disqualified), giving the impression that, at least in the case of the Monaco driver, they could do with something more. Instead, on lap 50 he yielded to his teammate and then found himself in difficulty, and also had to make way for Sergio Perez, much to the delight of the many Mexican fans present at the Austin circuit. Where, before and when night fell in Italy, there was also the sprint race, which ended with the end of the Grand Prix: Verstappen first, Hamilton second. Best of all, but one still has to say “how boring.”

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