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Summer Stop!  These maps confirm when season BURRASCA will end!  »

Summer Stop! These maps confirm when season BURRASCA will end! »

Weather: Summer break! These maps confirm when season BURRASCA will end!

A real storm is expected at the end of August, which will bring the summer to an endEnd of summer! Even the latest maps further confirm the arrival of a storm capable of hitting the season hard, who knows, maybe permanently.

However, before all this, we still have to deal with the current African outbreak, which will certainly last the whole week, with stable weather and, above all, a further rise in temperatures, especially in the mid-north and Sardinia, up to the peaks. 38-39°C (up to 40-42°C in the interior of the island).
In short, no specific shocks are expected, at least through the weekend, and we will be wrapped in a warm anti-cyclone blanket with a subtropical band in almost total dominance over the Mediterranean.

However, on the weekend, from this matter Sunday the 27th, here is a potential turning pointSomething that can be represented Summer’s first real break: The diagram below shows, a mighty Cyclone (Poppea) is destined to decrease in latitude, and fully invests our country; African anticyclone Nero, which has been lighting up the Mediterranean basin, will be forced to retreat towards its homeland. Meanwhile, Italy will find itself in a kind of “connection zone” in which these important weather statistics interact.
It is precisely in this “no man’s land” that the greatest and most dangerous conflicts take place: with this excessive heat, Risk of extreme weather events.A cyclone from Northern Europe (marked with the letter B) descends towards ItalyA cyclone from Northern Europe (marked with the letter B) descends towards ItalyAccording to the latest updates, our attention is precisely focused Sunday 27th August when Storm It will probably start from the northern parts and start making its presence felt in our country.
Due to the collision between different air masses (pre-existing heat and moisture caused by the African anticyclone Nero), There is a potential for violent storms, with an increased risk of hail and storms. Unfortunately the news (even recently) teaches us that.

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In the early days Next week Bringing thunderstorms, very strong winds and a sharp drop in temperature to these sectors, this deterioration should reach the center and part of the south.
Yes because, apart from rainfall, a Temperature drop: The graph we show below accurately correlates the expected thermal anomaly as the storm passes. Heat values ​​may even fall below the climatic average in most of Italy, which has not happened for a long time.Temperature anomaly as the storm passes (below average in blue)Temperature anomaly as the storm passes (below average in blue)Could this be the final blow of summer? It is difficult to say at the moment: in September, hot flashes from Africa are no longer rare, although it is difficult to reach heat peaks like the current one, only in the case of the calendar ( solar radiation, spokes, etc.).

For now, all eyes are on this delicate phase that could host extreme weather events across many of our regions.