Thursday, July 25, 2024

Striscia la Notizia, which pays homage to Barbara D’Urso. Off schedule with Militello


Cristiano Militello returns to live broadcast with Striscia la Notizia. The satire flies, as it always does, when Antonio Ricci’s satirical news show is broadcast. Now there is also a special tribute to Barbara D’Urso, who is under the Mediaset contract without going to video (Pomeriggio 5 in the hands of Myrta Merlino). But the surprise, or rather, comes when Militello, who usually asks people on the street to say hello, stops a couple to say hello to Barbara D’Urso. “Since we’re here, can you say hello to Barbara D’Urso? I’m asking since you couldn’t say goodbye to your audience, so we can say goodbye to you. Yes, this time we’re the ones saying goodbye to her.” This is the way Barbara D’Urso should be welcomed, With the symbol of the heart,” said the two tourists who had stopped by chance near Militello. Thus, D’Urso was once again summoned and evoked by his audience. His people. His army. Recently, among other things, Antonio Ricci revealed that he had heard from D’Urso and that He also invited her to the broadcast. At the moment Barbara has not arrived from Richie but anything could happen in the coming months. Maybe. Maybe with some additional measures.

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“I recently heard from D’Urso. I also asked Barbara to come visit us in the first episode. I wanted him to go in with Gabibo and tell everyone that he was there with his heart. But he couldn’t accept due to some legal issues and he also said that he would speak in January so we’ll see. I didn’t see Mirta Merlino is at work yet. I know she’s engaged to Tardelli, but I’ve never followed her. “He’s now replaced Barbara, who seemed like a pillar of this company,” Ricci said.

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