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"Live and become a mother?"  How are things with Prosecutor Angione - Libero Quotidiano

“Live and become a mother?” How are things with Prosecutor Angione – Libero Quotidiano

for one time Eleonora Daniel It was the interlocutor, not the interlocutor. for him Italian stories He had a very successful season: he talked about this and much more هذا Serena Burton, which was hosted in the living room Rai1 dedicated to Today is another day, another program that has found its own dimension in the TV schedule. In particular, Daniele explored some aspects of her private life, such as aspects of pain and suffering related to the disappearance of her brother Luigi, who had autism.

Seeing her picture is tired – said the presenter, with eyes red with emotion – the world of disability sometimes gets tired because you have nothing around. For this reason, families often lock themselves up in their pain. We learn to look beyond, to be special, to be original, to look at things from another point of view, every day we become different and try to overcome prejudices. I believe that the power which the Lord has given me, and which He has not given to my brother, is in the service of all to tell the silence and prejudices which I too have suffered for years.”

Speaking of his work, he’s been following a case Dennis Bibbetton: “Dr. Angeon (the attorney general who handled the investigations) revealed firsthand that we weren’t expecting, even with great confidence, that Denis is alive and that she has become a mother. He surprised us but being prime minister has borne the burden. He also spoke of misdirections and threats, And he always has many reports. I hope that reopening the investigation will lead to the truth and understanding of what happened to that young girl who turns 21 today.”

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