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The fake love between Beatrice Luzzi and Giuseppe Garibaldi and Jane Alexander’s show

The fake love between Beatrice Luzzi and Giuseppe Garibaldi and Jane Alexander’s show

the Big Brother Episode 9 Report Cardsone of Monday 9 OctoberThey are particularly affected by a major deception, or the decision made by some rivals to suddenly discover that they are very attracted to each other. Fake couples are just that Between Giuseppe Garibaldi and Beatrice Luzzi, between Anita Ulivieri and Paolo Masella, and between Heidi Bacci and Vittorio Minuzzi. In short, a community of love. To demonstrate, of course. Coincidentally, all the new couples seem to be forming after Alfonso Signorini’s plea for tenants to “get busy creating dynamics.” Honorable mention for Jane Alexander’s speech: at least it breaks the boredom a little.

Giuseppe Garibaldi: I vote, maybe we’ll fall into the trap. The most dangerous mistake an aspiring TV personality can make – Moreover, let’s talk about it: Would anyone really give a paid role to someone who doesn’t know how to do anything in the world of entertainment? – Rather, we can imagine that what he is doing is belittling the audience. Which is exactly what he does: he kisses Beatrice, and then reveals his interest in Samira. The public is not stupid and anyone who thinks they can make fun of them deserves to be forgotten. Garibaldi, at the end of this program, at most, a thousand people will be listening to you. at least.

Beatrice Luzzi: I vote okay, but you’re doing it on purpose. She always complains about being the most controversial tenant and at the center of the most discussions in the episode and then what does she do? It creates the most fake duo on Italian television of the last 20 years. Moreover, he commented on this “sympathy” with the joy of going to the dentist to have dental implants done without anesthesia. Then he searches for them. A section in itself worthy of comparison with Jane Alexander, from which Beatrice emerges with crumbling bones.

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Anita Olivieri: The rating is more predictable than rain on Easter Monday. Now she finds out that she is attracted to Paolo Masella. suddenly. love at first sight. After a month. Well, the weather is crazy these days, but let’s not exaggerate. From someone who, let’s remember, claims to have had three degrees – three years, a master’s degree and a master’s, and thus three degrees in one – I would have expected more clever strategies. She narrates her life as a daughter to her parents as a unique melodrama. Yes, it is shared by millions of Italian families. Because separated parents exist anyway. Give yourself peace, Anita.

Vittorio Minuzzi: I vote for Bolcino Pio. He’s never gotten into the game, in football terms, this Big Brother month and doesn’t seem interested in getting into it. On the other hand, he fits well into his own corner. Who knows if they’ll remember to let him out of the house once the reality show is over.

Alfonso Signorini: I vote for Calzeta. It is not management, but mediation. It never gives the impression of being able to give the episode direction, perhaps because the truth is that this episode has no direction (ah, as Vasco Rossi says). In the evening, the audience can only stay there and act like a sock. If we add his attempt to separate Letizia Beatrice from her boyfriend, the picture is embarrassingly complete. artificial intelligence.

Letizia Petris, Samira Lui, Angelica Baraldi, Alex Chavasz, Arnold Cardaropoli, Ciro Petrone: vote for non-living cartoons. If they had put Bolon, Grendizer, Winx and Gigi La Trotola in their place we would have enjoyed it more. I’m not saying that in 2030, but even in just a couple of months, no one will remember anything about his transition to Big Brother.

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Massimiliano Varese: tie-breaking vote. Meaning the mobile phone kitten from the 90s ads. Like a kitten, Virgo is always in the way and annoying. He enjoys making fun of Beatrice Luzzi, but at least in a less subtle way than Giuseppe. Both are unlistenable.

Greece Colmenares: I vote for Hola Hola Hola, I go to sleep in the flower bed. You never understand anything he says, and that puts him outside the dynamics of the house. He claims to have an audience that feels affection towards him. No Greece, you don’t know Italian at all. Express yourself with gestures please. When the public elects her as their favorite, she takes it easy: organize a jubilee. Balanced.

Jane Alexander: I’m voting for Adora. She enters the house as a vigilante to confront Beatrice Luzzi and pressures her on every word. “Meanwhile, they chose me, not you”: a knockout in just a few seconds. Beatrice tries to fight back, but Jane Alexander has played the villain in “Elisa di Rivombrosa” for free. He doesn’t lose his temper either. I even did it from home, but Jane didn’t. Because she is the real lady. Nothing to do: 92 minutes of applause. After the letter sent by Cinzia Turini, we say goodbye to Beatrice Luzzi. A desperate maneuver by Alfonso Signorini, who after this racy scene asked Jane Alexander to become a contestant on Big Brother. On the other hand, this would be the only way to try to raise the ratings.