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Spalletti conferenza

Spalletti lives at the conference

Spalletti Conference

14.56 Ending the conference

As for Senati on Zelensky: “He has no problem, he has great physical qualities such as acceleration and resistance, with difficulty finding coordination, there are no problems from this point of view.”

As for Calzona in defense of the best defense in Sarri’s time and today with Spalletti: “Sari is a great coach, perfect, defending as a team and not only in the division. Also this year except for the last period we did very well, we were the best or second for a while. Long, the merits are due to Spalletti because with the different methodologies he has introduced, the defense has to be supported by the rest of the team, often the defenders are blamed for this problem but it is often an issue in the other divisions.The coach has done a great job and went well Very well, that is certainly not clear to me.”

For sports coach Cacciapuoti for the second time on the team’s performance: “Every season is unique, it must also be analyzed based on the competitions that are played every 3 days. There is no relationship based only on points, the team has improved and if there are drops it may seem related to the motivations or physical, but it is not, as we saw with Sassuolo.”

Lopez’s question about goalkeepers Ospina and Meret: “”Ospina and Mert? They are two goalkeepers who acted exceptionally, two of the players who did well for the team when they had to play. Merritt’s mistake in Empoli? It happens, it’s not just his fault, he reacted really well with the character, we talked about him the next day and he worked as a great character”

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Question about Beccaccioli on Mertens: “Mertens? I think he played high-level matches. The tactical characteristic of the team? He always had the courage to play the game, he did not change even in difficulties, for example in Turin against Juventus in a very complicated moment”

Question to Dominicini about the Champions League: “Nothing is taken for granted. Our goal has always been to qualify for the Champions League. We succeeded despite many problems, we can regret that we had a dream that we could achieve and we didn’t succeed. But we must not be upset. We are happy. The team has developed good football that reaches the goal in a beautiful way and puts on an important show.”

A question for Senati about the points that Napoli lost in the comeback: “I like to respond with objective data, in Empoli the race was at the highest speed in the championship, with Roma we excelled both in the first half and in the second half. In all respects, there is no difference, if we look at a match Going with Lazio we won 4-0, we are giving less than our opponent and therefore often what we achieve on the field does not suit the physical problem. We have seen differences between the two teams in terms of data density and this is objective”

A question to Domenicini about the disappointing performance at home: “The matches at home? There are opponents and therefore they should be considered matches like the ones against Empoli and Spezia with a lot of unfortunate circumstances.”

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A question to Calzona about the championship: “A different season than I was there. For my part, there are no regrets, but we regret that we and Sarri are now close to an important result. We were fighting, but we had a dip in some races. We are in line with the goals that the club asked of us. “.

A question for Baldini about the different performance between the round trip: “It’s hard to understand what it’s based on, it’s a question to which there is no answer because there is no counter evidence. Our wrestlers have shared the effort, plus there was Covid and the Africa Cup. What we never noticed was the difference. In a commitment that has always been perfect. We can make assessments on this. Had there been an Availability situation we would have stepped in, but the boys were exceptional to everyone’ generic. It is thanks to them that we have reached this achievement.”

A question for Senati on injuries: “A lot of injuries? Now we can say that football has changed, matches are more frequent. Covid was the master of problems, we have 80% of positivity and this led to absences in that period and after that. Problems when returning. Covid It releases inflammatory problems and more. The injuries to the muscles must be differentiated from the traumas that punished us this year, mention the case of Osimhen. They have physical integrity “

14.35 There is only technical staff in the room

14.30 – Everything is ready for Luciano Spalletti’s press conference. We are just waiting for the Napoli coach to enter the hall.

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