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Annuncio addio di Masi: Ben Sulayem ignaro della presentazione Ferrari

Massey farewell announcement: Ben Sulayem unaware of Ferrari F1 bid

there Ferrari In mid-January, she officially announced her own date Power point, 2pm was chosen on Thursday 17th February to show the world the F1-75, the car that will be delivered with great hopes into the hands of drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Thus, the eyes of the entire Formula 1 world were three days ago on the Prancing Horse’s communication channels, which on schedule released a 13-minute video clip in which it removed the veil from the car for the 2022 Championship. surprisingly, It’s 14.11 Italian time on the same day, the FIA ​​also released a video, not by chance, but the most awaited for the whole winter, the one in which the president Mohammed bin Salim Personally wanted to deliver Decision making On the Formula 1 side after what happened in the final race of the 2021 World Championship in Abu Dhabi.

In general, announcing his arrival by the end of the week, he was surprised by the arrival of the announcement of Michael Massey’s farewell to the role of course writer – any of his alternatives, as well as other choices made to improve the decision-making process – specifically. same time With the introduction of the most famous car in the entire grid, Ferrari. what we learn from Corriere dello Sport With the signing of Fulvio Solms, the FIFA president did not know what was happening in Maranello: “Disrespect? No, from Paris and Maranello we have such elements to be able to say with certainty that the FIA ​​did not do it on purpose. The president wanted to announce as soon as possible and simply didn’t know Ferrari was offering the car.”