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Sinner-Hanfmann, US Open 2023 Live Streaming: We start at 1!


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23:58 All three daytime matches at the Louis Armstrong Stadium are concluded, and the Blues and Germans will take to the field in just over an hour, at 1am Italian time. I’ll see you later!

23:55 Good night, OA Sport friends, and welcome to the live broadcast of the valid match of the first round of the US Open 2023 between Yannick Sener and Yannick Hanfmann!

Good morning friends OA Sport e Welcome to the live broadcast of the valid match of the first round of the US Open 2023 between Yannick Sener and Yannick Hanfmann. Initiation against the Teutonic a A bumpy ride for the Blues in their last Grand Slam of the seasonThere are no precedents at the ATP level among the players. An interesting Italian derby can be seen on the horizon, and in fact there is a prize waiting for you A place in the second round against the winner from Sonego-De Alboran.

Yannick Sinner starts his tournament in the Big Apple with high expectations and this is probably where the blue phenomenon can try to attack the Grand Slam dream with the most ferocity. The world number 6 returned from a positive start to the Americas hard court campaign, finally eliminating the monkey Success in the Masters 1000 established himself with authority in Toronto, before suffering an almost unexpected defeat against the Serbian Jerry in Cincinnati. And so Yannick had some time to recover from the Canadian hangover, piece together the last bits of his game and show up in New York fully polished. this time At the outset, the draw was not at all fortunate, as each match, including this first round, conceals risks, both small and large, as the class of 2001 will have to show the maturity they have reached. gLook forward to it is undeniable He put himself in a potential dream quarter against the world number 1 player, Spain’s Carlos Alcarazin what will be a replay of the most beautiful challenge of this year that was held in New York in 2022, with that backhand cross to retrieve it, which as the Italian himself announced at the conference is still present in the memories.

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Yannick Hanfmann, No. 54 in the ATP rankings, is coming off a particularly negative period in his season. In fact, there have been six defeats for the German in his last eight matches (He was knocked out 4 times in the first round and twice in the second), with the chest remaining at 0 in victories on the American hard courts. In the United States No. 54 in the world has Lost in the first round in Cincinnati to McDonald, he’s at Winston Salem After a long battle he surrendered For the youngest of the Serondolo brothers. Hanfmann’s best result this season is a semi-final on grass in Mallorca and a quarter-final loss to Medvedev at the Masters 1000 in Rome starting in qualifying. On paper, the German doesn’t have the technical weapons and brainpower to trouble Sinner, but the South Tyrolean player will have to remain centered and focused throughout the game. And trying to save the energy that will be essential for the continuation of the tournament, which promises to be very difficult.

Brought to you by OA Sport Streamed live by Sinner-Hanfamm, the match is valid for the first round of the 2023 US Open. Blue begins his journey in New York at Italian night, with The match is scheduled as the first evening match for the United States at Louis Armstrong Stadium. not earlier than 7 p.m. local time (1.00 in our latitudes). Great expectations and great ambition rest on the shoulders of Blue, who wants to take the last step towards Olympus. Enjoy good tennis everyone!

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