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Gp of Leather and Skins Sports event and promotion “All Valdarno Appreciation”

Gp of Leather and Skins Sports event and promotion “All Valdarno Appreciation”

An important and awaited event also “passes” Fuchikyo. The traditional rendezvous with cycling returns to the tanning city with the new edition of the GP Industria del Cuoio e delle Pelli, a national race for the elite under-23 category that will take place on Saturday 2 September with departure and arrival in Santa Croce. It is the 77th edition of the historic organizing company Unione Ciclistica Santa Croce Sull’Arno, chaired by Federico Micheli together with Vice-President Fabrizio Arzili and their collaborators (Coltelli, Mattonai, Costagli, Chichi, Guidi, Zingone and Protini) for the year 2023 also includes all the municipalities that embrace the region Region: In fact, in addition to the greater participation of the Santa Croce region, the municipalities of Fuccichio, San Miniato, Montopole, Castelfranco and Santa Maria Monti will also participate in the tender process. The classic route, with a length of 180 kilometers, closely encompasses all these areas with the aim of enhancing – as a note shows – as well as the landscape and the historical and cultural aspect of cities that are not only important for their industrial aspect, but each have their own traditions. , have their own historical and cultural aspects that set them apart.

Departure at 12.30 from the Palazzetto delle Sport in Santa Croce for a short walk through the streets of the center until you reach kilometer 0 located under the finish sign in Via Brunelleschi. In the initial phase, passing through the streets of Fuccichio, then arriving at the commune of San Miniato, ascending the slope of Fontevivo, passing through the historic center, then descending towards La Serra, entering the territory of Montopole, and then from here to Castelfranco and Santa Maria mountain. About 180 riders from formations from all over Italy and with 3 foreign representatives UC Monaco, PC Baix Ebre from Spain and Wheelbase Cabtech from the UK. Also this year a special jersey that will be dedicated to the winner of the flying finish line that will be set up will be worn in each municipality crossed. Jersey with the municipality’s crest plus an indication of something specific to the municipality itself which will be worn at the final awards ceremony by each participating mayor.

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A special shirt will be awarded when passing through Ponticelli near Marco Lamine in memory of David Faraone who was the owner of the company. Special awards in memory of Elio Banti, Trento Filipetti, Bruno Mattioli and historical figures in the sport of cycling. There will also be a live TV broadcast of the last 80 kilometers of the race by the Toscana Sprint Team which will be broadcast on the various platforms available.