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Scorey's former play, Chef in the United States, meets Michael Jordan

Scorey’s former play, Chef in the United States, meets Michael Jordan

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May 6, 2021
By Antonio Lebon
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The encounter of life: what every player or fan of the ball dreams about in wedges. Sometimes fantasy turns reality, as it did with Antonio Mermula, 37, a basketball player at Scori in 2006-2007. The former white and blue basketball player had the privilege and privilege of meeting and chatting, at the hotel in Miami Beach (Florida) where he has been working as an executive chef since 2016, with a sports icon: Michael Jordan, American basketball legend, winner of 2 Olympic gold medals (Los Angeles 1984 and Barcelona 1992) and 6 NBA titles, awarded by President Barack Obama in 2016 the highest civilian honor in the United States (the Presidential Medal of Freedom).


Many celebrities, it is revealed that Mermula, a native of Goia Tauro (Reggio Calabria), comes to taste the specialties of Mediterranean cuisine at the Four Seasons surfing club. The legendary Jordan had dinner with his wife and had the opportunity to see him talk to him and cook for him some Italian dishes. He seemed to me a simple and humble man, I told him that I played basketball, he listened to me carefully and was laughing a lot, as if he did not believe it. Then he told me about his visits to Italy, for a moment I felt lucky and I thought all my basketball friends wanted to “To be in my place. I found him very well, in good shape, and I think he’s training. The meeting with Michael was a very nice moment.” The story of Chef Antonio Mermola (Catania, Agrigento and Certaldo ex at B2) then slips into his basketball arc in the South Pontino, which lasted less than two seasons. “Among the architects of The Return of the Dolphins in the 2007 C1 series, De Scauri admits, I have wonderful memories, linked to the great friendships I have with me (including those with Massimo Iras and Rocco Giardino, editor). Then I felt with coach Enrico F. Abri, I came to audition and I was shocked by the team and captain Angelo Udoni. A wonderful world opened up to me, full of passion, sport, friendship and love for T-shirt and the city. I think the 2006-2007 season was a dream for everyone, because a gang of boys, with their hearts and a little subconscious, achieved what Schaori should remember today as a miracle. We won the championship on the field and that was an unbelievable emotion. We started the rebirth of the biancazzurro, which appeared shortly after in the second division. My only regret is not to return to greet friends and fans, to attend a match, maybe that will happen in the future. I’ve never seen a town where you like basketball. Wearing that shirt was a great honor for me. ”
Antonio Lebon
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