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Jessica Selassie is telling the truth

Jessica Selassie is telling the truth

A few days ago we are now talking about the virtual participation of barrow to the famous island. Both the person concerned and his agent denied the news, but apparently someone says in this regard.

winner in GF Vip 6, or the princess Jessica Selassie. While staying at home Jessica and Barrow They felt a strong attraction to each other, without realizing anything.

So let’s find out what ex Jevina has to say about a possible engagement of barrow to the famous island.

Is Gerardo Gaitani involved in Celebrity Island?

Gerardo Gaetani of L’Aquila Aragon, For all that knows Barrow, It could be one of the potential competitors for the new version Famous Island.

Many postulated this theory, declaring that the man could land on the island during a reality show. It is clear, however, that these are baseless rumors that have been denied in the past few hours.

well-known man manager Ricky Palazzoloin fact ruled out the existence of barrow In the reality show you hosted ilary plassi. Obviously, it’s not because he doesn’t want to participate in this experience, but because he has to recover from it Big Brother Vip.

for this reason Palazuloo will publish a Twitter As he announces that news about his client will be only a little fake news. This news was not welcomed by the man’s fans, who were eager to see him barrow Travel along the shore of Honduras.

Why is Jessica Selassie claiming that Barrow can participate in Celebrity Island?

One of the people believe in him barrow potential competitor Famous Island was just Jessica Selassie.

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The winner of the program spent several months in the company of barrow I got to know him more than anyone else. The beautiful princess mentioned that she will see just fine barrow to the famous island, Because she is a free spirit.

Man has always stood out from the crowd and has never done anything to appear like others. One of the vices barrow It is precisely walking barefoot, which suggests that a person likes to be in contact with him nature.

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However, in this edition, we will not see him walking on the beaches Honduras, Even if its participation in the future is not excluded. After all barrow He showed his love for adventure a few years ago.

In 2012 he shared with his uncle Costantino della Gherardesca to beijing express, the third place.