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Shillasi, the rector, is testing the vaccination campaign

Shillasi, the rector, is testing the vaccination campaign

A doctor, university professor and rector. Therefore, nothing else can be far away World No Vax or from situations that question the importance of vaccines and generally to keep a cautious approach to infection. An attitude that Kohli certainly appreciated. So a technician with an important organizational role was selected. Horacio Schillaci leading the university Tor Vergata In Rome, he was a nuclear doctor who did clinical and research work.

He is described by his collaborators as quiet and reserved. And he may have checked it on other names that have been considered worthy candidates in recent weeks, such as Guido Rasi, who was first in Ifa and then in Ema. Adviser to General Figliulo, and the head of the Red Cross, Francesco Rocca, because he hasn’t talked much about the coronavirus in recent years. There is a statement he gave at Tg3 in May 2020 in which he called on citizens to “respect the rules to avoid new outbreaks”.


Meanwhile, Shilazi must decide the fight against the coronavirus, which is spreading a little less during this period, but which still keeps the health system on alert. It’s hard to imagine that a person like you wouldn’t carry out the campaign for the fourth and fifth doses by Bivalent, started by his predecessor Roberto Speranza. However, it is anticipated at the gate by experts, mostly vaccine promoters and the entire healthcare system. Whether it will work to strengthen the public system is another thing that many are waiting to understand. A right-wing government scares away a firm funding for many, resulting in shifting operations to the private sector. In this case, the minister’s story is reassuring and indeed yesterday a collective sigh of relief was raised from the health world.

Shilasi is a pure technician. He was 56 years old and was dean of medicine at Tor Vergada. As a doctor he is highly respected, not only for his professional skills but also for the relationship he has with his patients.

As for his ability as a minister, some in the world consider him a little weak. Others, on the other hand, respect him: “He is not a free hitter, he plays as a team and knows how to represent.” He does not engage in political activities and his name is not associated with ownership. Speranza, on the other hand, appointed him in 2020 as a member of the Scientific Committee of the Higher Institute of Health.

However, the choice of a technocrat-centric government has political significance. If the epidemic worsens again (which is currently unlikely) and certain restrictions such as masks in schools become necessary, it will be a technical person to decide them. So not a party member, maybe one of those who spoke in the past Against all anti-covid measures So it is forced to contradict itself. Then there is the issue of public health funding. If the Mef decides to remove part of the already allocated or not provide increases, the opposition voice of a technical minister, if it rises, will be less strong and convincing than that of a politician. And they will be big problems for the National Health Service.

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