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School, 4 thousand professors Vox did not return to Lazio.  Principals angry: "a joke"

School, 4 thousand professors Vox did not return to Lazio. Principals angry: “a joke”

“We do not know where to put them: the law requires that they be sent back to school, but we pay them to work without them.” From April 1, the duty ends Green bass And though not close to the students, who are among the 3 thousand teachers, cleaners and secretaries Rome And the province has decided not to vaccinate. A total of four thousand Lazio. The idea of ​​finding them in the corridors of their educational institutions has already provoked the anger of principals. On behalf of the faction, Mario Rusconi, head of the PNA, explains: “We are upset that those who do not have public health are being rewarded, and we are confused because the government wants to pay a portion of the funds for the next teachers’ contract. But what drives us crazy is that those who practice it know, There are no places on campus where students do not come often. What is the risk of infection? Shall we do it?

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Christina Costarelli, principal of Newton High School, says: “There is an inequality in treatment depending on the salary of deserving colleagues, while at the same time they receive a refund without teaching. As such, the lack of space for allocating them makes it unclear how to use them or where to put them in school, which means that the vaccine is no longer mandatory because everyone can be in school, and the government will pay extra for all no vaccines. ”

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The transferees, who replaced the non-vaccinated suspended teachers this month, will actually be in the classroom because they are the ones who will teach: it is not even possible to anticipate distance lessons, Professor No Vox, who connects remotely, because of the supervision of students in the classroom in any case. So two salaries in the same chair. Maria Rosaria Atiro, principal of Amaldi High School in Dor Bella Monaco, says: “Two teachers will return to my school and I do not know what to do with them: there are students in the library and need specific management skills. What does it mean to bring them back without teaching at this hour? Headteachers are in a position to read the order. “It is difficult to refer to a teacher in the school environment, to talk about other tasks, to make a definite vague phrase and to organize oneself – the same problem is with the comprehensive organization via Poseidon, which was already run by Principal Annalisa Latando. There are library staff and vaccinated colleagues in the secretariat, and inserting No Vox does not seem appropriate. We can not cause tension in the workplace. The result? “They will be in service, but not doing a definite job: in the meantime we are paying the replacement teacher, so they are all money taken from the school”.

For many it is a terrible setback, reversal in suspensions that create dissatisfaction and misunderstandings: “At my school – Rosamaria Laricella, Principal Valentine says – two teachers but will be back in service today. We ask ourselves.Many principals are tense with No Vox staff: We had to comply with the rules, what do we do now? Let’s go back.