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World Cup 2022. USA relies on history to beat England

World Cup 2022. USA relies on history to beat England

After the first day of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup, the second round already has decisive matches to advance to the round of 16. England, looking for another three points against the USA after a “tennis” debut against Iran, were held to a draw by Wales. According to Sisal experts, the guys from Southgate are favorites at 1.75
Breakeven is offered at 3.60, compared to the Americans’ 5.00. The United States used history to defy prediction: In the two previous World Cup games against England, the Stars and Stripes national team was unbeaten with one win and one draw. Both systems are capable of attacking football, but agree on something in defense: a goal match, at 1.85, as happened in the debut, cannot be ruled out. A penalty awarded for 2.70, if called, pay attention to the columns
England and USA reckon a header will be scored at 2.75. Dry against Iran, Harry Kane will want to make up for it immediately: the England captain will enter the scoresheet at 5.00 as the first scorer. The United States, on the other hand, are betting on number 10 Christian Pulisic to hurt their English cousins: the Chelsea playmaker’s target will pay a 5x stake.
After successful debuts against Senegal and Qatar, the Netherlands and Ecuador challenge each other for Group A supremacy. Sisal experts have high hopes for the Oranges, with odds of 1.75 against the South Americans’ 5.00 reduced to 3.60. for a break. Based on precedents and both teams’ first matches at the World Cup, we expect a few-goal match as the under given at 2.00 is preferred, while the over 1.72 is preferred. It is not excluded that one episode can make the difference and in this case the call from VAR at 3.00 will turn out to be decisive. Memphis Depay at 2.50, and Enner Valencia, two goals against Qatar and goals at 3.50, are candidates for the podium. Just Qatar vs Senegal: The African champions are favorites at 1.62 compared to the hosts at 6.00, given at 3.75. Bales Wales, won at 2.10,
The tie is played at 3.10pm, while the start against Iran is given at 4.00pm.

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