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Schneider abandons Cairo factory: 130 workers at risk

Cairo Montenotte. Another potential industrial textile tile in Savona and Val Bormida: Today, during a meeting of the European Business Council (EWC), Schneider announced the sale of the Cairo Montenotte plant, as part of the company’s restructuring.

Among the new addresses is the one at the production site in Cairo: “The Cairo Montenotte plant will be sold to a supplier from Schneider, who will have to ensure industrial development and integration,” unions held by the company’s management said. Models, methods, and above all aspects of recruitment, are yet to be defined and discussed.

Fim, Fiom and Uilm have already announced the mobilization, and tomorrow’s worker gatherings have been called: “We express our total disagreement about the company’s desire to put the 130 workers at the Cairo Montenotte plant outside the group’s boundaries, and allocate them to a future in which he says little.”

Current and voltage transformers, as well as sensors and other electrical equipment are produced at the Cairo plant.

So there’s another blow on the employment front, with 130 workers at risk actually, in an industrial context that’s already hard to describe to say the least, like the one that happened in Valpormedo, which has been poor over the years with its key manufacturing realities.

Trade unions are already working out an appropriate strategy with the workers and the local institutions themselves. In fact, an advertised sale of a resource does not currently provide any job security, generating a climate of strong social fears should a new job bleeding occur.

Meanwhile, the first chapter of the state of agitation has already been announced: a two-hour strike at the end of the shift on October 8, with the forms and methods of protest to be held during the confrontation between trade unions and workers. .

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