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"Crazy, you won't be able to do this anymore..."

“Crazy, you won’t be able to do this anymore…”

Poste Italiane has been skilled and “lucky” from several points of view in achieving success with Postepay which is difficult to compare with other products: Post office In fact, it has fully benefited from the incredible appreciation that these prepaid cards have achieved especially in the second decade of the twenty-first century, but the launch of the first version in 2003 did not provide the same context as today in terms of technological penetration.


In fact, the spread of the Internet at that time was much more limited than it is today, albeit already very influential and payment cards were mainly associated with bank accounts. On the other hand, Postepay allowed everyone to access a form of digital money, to be used as a payment card at merchants and online. With the subsequent spread of smartphones, Postepay has undergone many developments, inheriting functions that were once the exclusive privilege of account and ATM cards, such as the ability to recharge directly from the app, pay for services, bills and the like. Evolution owners can also receive and send actual wire transfers.

Postepay, bitter news for everyone: “Crazy, you won’t be able to do this anymore…”

Even various initiatives that were gradually conceived over time, such as Postepay Cashback, contributed to the “accustomation” of users to using Postepay cards even in everyday life, guaranteeing a return, which is a real form of reimbursement. It is exactly.

In fact, purchases made through the stores participating in the initiative allow 1 euro cashback for every 10 euros spent, with a redemption limit of 10 euros obtainable per day. In this month of March Postepay Cashback is more advantageous, since until the 31st of the month it is possible to get 3€ cashback per transaction of at least 10€, with a daily cashback limit of 15€ per day, in official form through the page used.

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The initiative wasn’t extended beyond March, so hurry up!