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Green Pass in Action: How long will it be mandatory?

Green Pass in Action: How long will it be mandatory?

The green lane will become Mandatory in the workplace from October 15: an important date that tells us how many employees actually want it give up your salary In order not to be vaccinated or undergo continuous smears.

However, some are convinced that no green permits have already communicated their intent to their companies: As of October 15, they will not go to work. There may also be companies that will continue to accept employees without a green pass: we remind you that in this case both parties are subject to a fine if checks are made at the workplace.

The question that many ask is: How long will it be necessary to give up salary? To find the answer you need to answer another question: So that the green passage of the workplace becomes mandatory?

How long will the Green Corridor in operation be mandatory? official answer

This question has two answers: the first official that it unofficial. As for the official, in fact, just look at the provisions of the decree of September 21, which defines the obligations and penalties of the Green Corridor in action.

Here we read it for all workers including public servants NS self employedThe Green Corridor commitment to work is in effect From October 15 to December 31, 2021, “Term of emergency terminationAnd again, in the part about penalties, we read that the worker who does not show up for work because he does not have the green card, as well as the one who introduces himself but is not accepted into the company by the person. Performing checks, is considered unexplained absence Until the above-mentioned certificate is presented, and in any case”no later than December 31, 2021“.

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So there seems to be no doubt: Those without a green pass will not be able to work for about two and a half months, after which the green certificate obligation – and the wage suspension – will disappear.

But be careful, because as expected, this is the official answer, but it is not certain that this will still be even close to the end of the emergency.

How long will the Green Corridor in operation be mandatory? The unofficial answer

The text of the decree states that a deadline of December 31, 2021 has been set with the state of emergency ending on that date. What will happen if the Draghi government continues to extend the date of this period? Other provisions, such as those requiring the green permit to go to work, could also be extended until the new deadline.

In this regard, it is good to provide clarification. In fact, many are convinced that the government will not be able to extend the state of emergency for much longer than it has already done. In fact, the rule is that you can’t go too far with this For more than two years, so a possible new extension could be from one month max.

So, at best Emergency will have to quit Jan 31 2022.

If there is an extension for another month, the Green Corridor commitment must continue to operate for another 30 days: after which it will be necessary to understand what the political will of the Draghi government will be.

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Therefore, so far, there are no conditions for saying: “The Green Corridor commitment in action will certainly be in effect until December 31, 2021This is prescribed by law, yes, but deadlines of this kind have already been extended on past occasions. So it would be necessary to take into account that there could be Postpone for at least another month The above commitment is valid until January 31, 2022.

Green Corridor in action even when the emergency ends?

as explained by The law is for everyoneIt is not excluded that the commitment to the green corridor at work may also be Extends beyond January 31, 2022. In the meantime, it must be said that restrictions on the Green Corridor, such as those concerned, have been adopted in implementation of Article 16 of the Constitution, which states that freedom of movement can be “Generally for health and safety reasons‘, so long as these limits are adopted by a statute or law having the force of law (including, therefore, the DPCM, which the Constitutional Court already considers legitimate).

Therefore, even without a state of emergency, such an obligation would still be legitimate if it was specifically motivated by the health situation of the country.

Not to mention there may be conditions in January 2022 to be able to decree new emergency. In fact, the law prohibits the extension for more than 24 months, but does not prohibit the possibility of starting a new procedure to issue a new emergency, for example it can happen if a new variant that increases inflammation is required.