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Schlein and Associates’ Conundrum: What’s at Risk for the Democratic Party?

Schlein and Associates’ Conundrum: What’s at Risk for the Democratic Party?

Carlo Calenda and Giuseppe Conte yes, Matteo Renzi no. Project of alliances dI’m Ellie Schlein It is now clear and defined, that Italia Viva’s president is the “wretched scoundrel” who created the Jobs Act, while Agion’s founder is the “prodigal son” back home. The former five-star Premier, on the other hand, is a natural partner for the new Schlein-branded Pd.

The aim of the PT secretary is to always shift the axis of the party to the left and steal votes. M5S and did not have to compete for the leadership of the future broad field with the leader of Krillini. The danger, obviously, is to level the party almost entirely to the positions of the pentastellati, so that the core of the center-left cannot be covered. The flirtation with Calenda is precisely aimed at preventing this from happening, and the Democratic Party needs an action leader because, after the break with Renzi, running alone in the European Championship and reaching 4% would be a handout.

But Calenda and Conte are truly the most reliable allies Matthew Renzi? The political history of both would say otherwise. Let’s start with the ‘social liberal’ calendar. After a brief adolescent love for the Italian Communist Youth Federation, Calenda dedicated himself to the world of entrepreneurship, working at Ferrari and in 2013 nominated in Montiani as a member of the Fondazione Italia Futura, created in those years by Luca Cordero di Montecemolo. . During the years of centre-left governments, he first held the position of Deputy Minister of Economic Development with Letta (2013–2016), then Minister of the same department with both Renzi and Gentiloni (2016–2018). Independent. On 6 March 2018, shortly after the centre-left’s defeat in the general election, he announced his accession. Pd, says. However, within a few months, he changed his mind again and launched ‘We Europeans’ against the birth of Conde-Bis and the alliance with M5S. That, apparently, is a way for the Democratic Party to welcome him on its list, considering the 2019 European elections. However, in 2021, he will appear as mayor of Rome, along with the Renziers, not only in opposition to the center. -OK, but for the Democratic Party it was Roberto Gualtieri, then Minister of Economy. With a complimentary 20%, Charles Calenda He continues his centrist program, but close to the September 2022 political elections he signs an agreement with Enrico Letta to run in coalition with the center-left. We all remember the kisses and hugs the two gave each other on that occasion. However, the idle lasted only 24 hours. Calenda, perhaps fearing the loss of votes from now-ascending ex-soldiers, cancels everything and aligns himself with Renzi. The rest is history.

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from Joseph Conte, Volturara Appula’s advocate of democratic Catholic culture, proposed former student Alfonso Bonafed to lead the yellow-green government, as everyone knows. Less than a month after Papeet announced his refusal to lead another government with a different majority, he returned to Palazzo Sigi thanks to the Democratic Party’s vote. After Renzi’s ‘betrayal’, in spite of himself, he votes with confidence in Mario Draghi’s government, but pulls the plug when he realizes he is in free fall in the election. Well, the question arises: Ellie, who do you ally with?